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Variation in MTX side effects?

I've been taking Methotrexate for about 3 months and the side effects haven't been that bad, mainly some mild nausea. But holy cow, I feel like I've been hit by a truck this week! Nausea, diarrhea and fatigue, all making me feel really down. I took it two nights ago and felt horrible yesterday and a bit better today.

Does anyone find that some weeks are just worse than others? I'm nervous about taking my dose next week and I'm hoping this was just a one-off bad week.

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I found the more shots I got the worse I felt... tried metho 2 separate times, it just wasn't my drug. Are you getting your bloods done once a month? :hang:
Yes, I am having the bloods done monthly. I actually had the blood taken on Wednesday, the day I was feeling so bad. I don't know that this drug is going to work for me. Last night and today I have my Crohn's pain back (which is my main symptom) and I haven't had any pain for a couple of months, so that is discouraging. The good news is that if MTX doesn't work for me, they will apply to the PCT for me to get Humira which I know does work wonders for me. But probably several more months of feeling crappy before we get to that point. Just gotta jump through all these hoops to get to it. It's been a struggle this week with my husband away and looking after the kids on my own, but he gets back today!
I have a similar feeling. I will feel terrible the day after my injections. I have awful nausea, to the point where I will randomly have heavy salivation. I am run-down, irritable, and just feel sick. This is basically every time after my injection, and it seems to get worse every week.
I have it every saturday - somedays are better than others. I just make it my rest day and watch movies. I sleep when I need to and just say yea - one day of rest. I find it hard working full time, travelling 1.5hrs to work and then home again. I inject on Friday at 4 pm and then rest Saturday. I pack my weekend in on Sunday and I am ready for work on Monday. My routines and life are changing to accomodate the mthx nausea - and I am lucky that I have not had any more chrons pain. Good luck with it :thumright:
Are you taking the folic acid the day after? That's what I was told and I didn't feel any side effects from it the whole time I was on it.
Hi there, I take my folic acide Wednesday morning and then I inject on Friday at 4 pm. So the folic acid is always a couple of days before :)
:( Looks like Methotrexate is a bust.

I've been taking Methotrexate for four months, no problems, and I have been in complete remission for the last month. Then I had my routine blood test done just before Christmas and they found that my neutrophil (white blood cells) count was way down, so my GP advised me to stop taking it and as I was coming down with a cold we were worried that I couldn't fight it off. I had repeat tests over the next two days and found that the neutrophil count went back up to normal. Of course the cold virus hit with full force and I was down for the count for Xmas but feeling better now. Whew!

What now? I'm completely freaked out by the Methotrexate now and not willing to go back on it. I will see what the GI says if I ever get an appointment with them. (NHS, what can I do? :p whatever) So, I'm taking matters into my own hands. I got a recommendation from a friend about some really good probiotics her brother takes for Crohn's. I also talked the GI into testing me for Vitamin D deficiency and I am deficient, surprise, surprise.

So my plan is continue with pentasa, uber probiotics, Vitamin D supplements, fish oil, and continue where I left off with my elimination diet, which seemed to work quite well for me until the Methotrexate kicked in. Wish me luck!!