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Vedolizumab and Humira

My gastroenterologist is thinking of starting me on Vedolizumab as well as Humira, but my rheumatologist says that one cannot get or be on 2 biological drugs the same time.
So I am wondering who is right.
Is anybody here on Vedolizumab and Humira together, I am from the UK anybody in the UK?
Also is Vedolizumab trial still ongoing?
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I don't know about the UK, but here in the US treating Crohn's with two different biologics at the same time would be considered very experimental - with unknown safety risks or benefits. Neither drug is FDA approved to be used at the same time as the other.


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My daughter has been on two biologics for more than a year. She is doing well. She is on one biologic for her Crohn's (Cimzia) and another for her Ankylosing Spondylitis. We failed absolutely everything else before her doctors were willing to do this and it was insanely hard to get insurance approval. But it can be done.
It is considered "experimental" and she is at a higher risk for infections, but so far, luckily, she has been ok.
I am on both Humira (2 shots a week) and Entyvio (every 4 weeks) at the moment. Added the Humira in June to try to get fistulas under control, upped to the second shot each week 3 weeks ago after my blood levels came back very low.

My GI has at least one, maybe a couple other patients on two biologics. If Humira doesn't do the trick, I may do Stelara + Entyvio, though, honestly, I am tired and may start to think more seriously about an ileostomy.

I think last time I checked clinical trials.gov there were still some long-term studies on veto happening, but not sure. I have been on it for three years.
What do you mean by vedolizumab trial? It's aproved by almost all the health agencies so i guess yes the classics 1 to 3 stage trials are finished. They always study the efficacy of it compare to other biologics or steroids i think... maybe in combination with other biologics too... you could do some research on ongoing studies or ask your doctor.
As you probably know the mechanisms of entyvio and humira are different so it could make sense to use both.
Good luck and let us know how it goes


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I do believe there are some studies that are combining Entyvio with another biologic (I think it was Humira but not sure). I think that is was lpgcarter was saying.