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Hi everyone my GI wants me to try Vedolizumab to try and get my Crohns under control as my MRI revealed some patches through my small intestine.

Has anyone tried this drug and if so what were your thoughts?


I have been on it for over 4 years now. I have been in remission for a year. I will tell you that I have had a blockage that put me in the hospital in Oct.
The Entivio seems to stop flare ups ,but the scar tissue does cause blockage. I have been lucky that lately its about 4 years between blockages. I have tried other medications , some have caused skin cancer and contributed to a heart attack.
I still get the entivio every 8 weeks as a maintenance drug. Next infusion tomorrow.
Good luck


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My daughter is on it. It is VERY slow acting. You may need a bridge therapy to get you to that point. We had to wait about 26 weeks before we saw even the slightest improvement anther GI said that is par for the course with Vedo. It generally isn't as effective for the small bowel as it is for the colon but it can work. My nephew is on it and at about the 3 month mark he was a new man. He had previously been considering a colectomy and it really saved him. My daughter has't been as lucky but no ill affects from the drug either.
I took it as well. It was okay, it took a long time for it to really work, but never had any crazy side effects. The only side effects were nasty headaches and fatigue immediately following infusions, but would be gone in a day or two
No side effects for me either but couldn’t get my local inflammation under control even on double dose so GI took me off it.
The infusion time is fast, maybe half an hour?