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Vegetables anyone.....?

vegetables anyone.....?


I'm currently in the middle of a flare,(kind of since Jan) finding out on Wednesday whats next drug wise....
Well anyway I'm craving veges and just wanting to know if anyone has any suggestions of what they do for a vege fix in the middle of a flare!!!
Is there anything you find you can get away with eating or only mildly effects you?

.....It's all a bit sad really, but I gave up chocolate at the end of last year and it didn't really bother me (I do miss it a little bit)......but take away my veges and I'm going crazy!!! How wrong is that!!:ybatty::tongue:

If you want veggies then you may want to make a veggie soup and cook the veggies until they are very soft, almost mushy. You will get the nutrients in the in the broth and you will get the texture of veggies as well although it will have to be almost mushy.

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If you check out the list for a low residue diet, they have veggies with no skins or peels on their list. Squash beets carrots and potatoes all peeled and cooked *may* be okay for you.

Most canned veggies should be okay too if they don't have seeds or skins.
You could also juice your veggies as long as there is no pulp in it.
I second the thoughts on here. I am in remission and I still stay away from raw veggies most of the time. I would definitely make sure they are cooked and have no skins.


It's amazing how a big salad starts to look like candy when you're on a low-res diet!

I make a lot of pureed soups in the winter. I have been lucky during this current flare that I can still eat veggies - I just CHEW like crazy.

A vegan friend of mine made an awesome carrot salad for me - she put the carrots thru a juicer and used the pulp as the salad, added back some of the carrot juice, some vegennaise and seasoning - it was GREAT!
Thanks for the ideas,

....So I cooked up and pureed some carrot plus a couple other veges and mixed a bit through some rice pasta to dilute it a bit......It tasted great.........I liked it but my body didn't!!!
I guess I'll just try something different in a week or so, or when I psych myself up again!!

I know its probably a terrible choice, but since i got sick i really do not bother with veggies unless the are cooked down and sauteed in olive oil. I am half italian so on the rare ocasion that i do cook it always involves olive oil.


My husband and I LOVE crispy kale. It's a great way to eat a vegetable that is really packed with lots of vitamins and nutrients. I think it would be easy to digest since it practically dissolves in your mouth.

Crispy Kale
1 bunch kale, cleaned and stripped from the thick stalks, tear into medium size pieces
Toss with olive oil
Spread out on cookie sheet in single layer (you will prob need 2 sheets)
Bake at 300F for about 20-25 minutes until crispy
Sprinkle with salt (sea salt is great!)


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I've been avoid all raw veg for a few months now, and some cooked veg as well (seem to tolerate cooked greens like bok choy and chard okay, though).

So this evening I thought I'd enjoy some fresh peas, since things have been going fairly well with attempts to expand my diet again. No shells, I'm not a daredevil! Just peas. I am now experiencing this rather interesting "bump bump bump" sensation throughout my system, and all I can picture are these whole, undigested peas rolling around in my intestines! "Bump, bump," okay that one made it around the corner, "bump," that one's got a way to go yet. Thankfully, not much pain, just this new intimate awareness of exactly where each pea is located.