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Do people have vegetables that are safe to eat? I had tuna casserole last night with peas and my stomach has been upset. I am afraid to have many vegetables. I dont know if it is from the vegetables, stress from finances, cutting down on prednisone or a combination of things.


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Ron, it could be all of the above. I am with you on being stressed about finances (I'm still paying off the credit card bills from when my dog needed emergency surgery). Being worried about my dog and worried about money have definitely taken a toll on my guts, so something similar could be the case for you.

Were the peas cooked? As you probably know, cooked is often easier to digest than raw. I have found that I can also juice veggies and my guts don't have a problem with that. So either cook or juice your veggies, if you can. Also make sure to remove things like seeds and skins from both fruit and veggies, as seeds & skins can be really hard to digest.
Keeping a food diary might also be helpful for you. I've done that in the past and it was definitely helpful for me.
When I'm not feeling well I boil or steam veggies then puree them. Spinach, carrots, and butternut squash all work well. In many grocery stores you can find butternut squash already chopped into cubes, which makes it not so laborious.
It might be a worthwhile purchase..Or you could see if you could borrow one from a friend to test if it's helpful for you. A good blender would probably work too.

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Most of our vegetables we eat are cooked and used in spaghetti or a stirfry. Once in a great while we might have some raw carrots, celery or broccoli. But, majority of the time they've been cooked/stirfried in a minimum amount of oil.


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Chewing really well helps. A blender is good for some veggies as well. You should try green smoothies, I have some good recipes from my doc. Just ask and they are yours.