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venting my exact symptoms

I thought i should include exactly what i feel.
Its been a good week now, my mom & i arent 100% sure of my last bowel movement, but regardless i went Alot the day before it started, and ate Very minimal the days following (cause my grandmoms food was seemingly unappetizing)... ive been getting small naps in through *Upper stomach discomfort, which ive never experienced before (even when my Stool-impaction started- it all was in the lowest part of my stomach)... Ive felt very minimal activity in my low stomach (which would make anyone assume, its not time to poop- and the discomfort keeps happening way higher like i said)... Its almost like, a combination of not eating alot, and inflammation... Now... I would go to hospital just to make sure. Unfortunately i was there for 8-9 hours in the Waiting room, and had to leave as way too many people were ahead of me... So im just drinking liquids at the moment, doing what a typical crohns patient can do.
I was sippin on my 'make~a~pure~liquid' meal - El Yucateco and Kool Aid. After the 4th sip, i went to bathroom (medium amount of diarhea) no problem.... So... I think, i think, i think its just heavy inflammation in my upper gi tract.