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Very confused after colonoscopy?

Okay, so I just had a colonoscopy this past Thursday. I had it because I have been having severe pain that comes and goes in my lower left abdominal/pelvic area for almost 2 years now. The pain can be excruciating. It always would come around the same time( 6 days prior to my ovulation). GI doc thinks it is gynecologic, but my gyne said, it could be gyne, but also could be GI related as well. I have had scans over the last 2 years ( 2 CT scans and 2 MRI's). The MRI showed adenomyosis, fibroids and possible signs of endo in the culdesac. However the Gyne specialist said endo is very hard to detect on a scan so only way to rule that out is surgery. Well for the last few months the pain seems very intestinal as well. I also have been having chronic hard stools for the last year. 2 months ago I ended up in the ER from severe pain in my lower left abdomen. They did a CT scan( plain without any contrast as I am allergic) and they said everything looked okay. There was some mild divertoculosis with No evidence of infection. So I went to my GI doc and he suggested a colonoscopy. I had that done just this past Thursday. He said everything looked fine, and that he saw No diverticula pockets at all! My husband asked him how it is that the CT scan showed mild divertiucla pockets. He said who knows, maybe they saw shadows or something!!! So Now I am left with the question of who messed up, the radiologist reading the CT scan or did the GI doc miss them! GI doc claimed he spent extra time looking in the whole sigmoid area and did not see anything. I am not sure what to think now. I mean what else could be causing this horrific lower left pain??? Which is more accurate when it comes to diagnosing diverticula pockets, CT or colonoscopy?
A colonoscopy is the only way to definitively diagnose any abnormality within the Colon. I would be reassured that your GI didn't see anything of concern. It sounds like a gyne problem if it is always around ovulation. Maybe an ultrasound scan before ovulation to see the ovaries to rule out ovarian cysts or a hyteroscopy ? Large ovarian cysts or abnormalities in the ovaries can cause constipation.
A colonoscopy can not always find CD. Sometimes its just out of reach of the scope, in which case an MRI or CT scan will be good. A small bowel series also is good.

Hope they are able help you soon1