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Very Depressed-Does this never end.

Hi , everyone i am not new to the forum but , been in remission for 23 wonderful years. and now it raises it's ugly head again. I am in a bad flare , now lasting for four months. Taking my meds and i am on preds too and they don't seem to be working. i was suppose to go on a camping trip with my wife and family.but, i had to back out the last minute. now they are gone enjoying themselves and here i am in pain all the time.:( i have alot of anger , rage, and now depression is setting in. i also have bipolar 2 , so , that doesn't help. but, the good news is i get a colonoscopy done this Friday coming the 22nd. so , that lifts my mood a little i will finally find out what is going on inside my body. i don't know if anyone else feels this way , i am sure they do. just thought i type a simple message in the forum for some support. that's all. thanks for listening.:(

I have been there. I was just diagnosed in February 2014. Mine progressed so quickly that I have already had surgery and am on remicade. I am in the military and have been on the go for over 20 years. This is like a kick in the mouth. I can relate to your anger and depression. I am not over it but I have come to realize that my children need me no matter what condition I am in. They love me unconditionally so I need to try not to be so selfish. One day at a time. I wish you well. Remember that anger is a stressor which does not help. Take care and good luck on the colonoscopy.


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I hear you and feel for you. My 20 year remission ended about 2.5 years ago. I've been grinding it out since.

Hang in there. We've got to hope for better days. Sending you my support.
It is a pain in the bum (pardon the pun) when you feel like you are taking a backward step. With that said, you've managed a very long period of remission and perhaps when you get trough this flare you will be able to pick up another long flare-free period.
Also, there is a lot of really positive medical research happening at the moment and that is cause for optimism as well.
Hang in there and if there is a positive to be found in the situation then I hope you find it and make use of it.
I'm in a similar situation but wasn't flare free anywhere near as long (under 3 years). I still found when they told me my disease was active again that I was angry, upset, confused and jealous of people that don't have this disease. Then I started to hear about other people that are worse than me either from this disease or others and then I felt guilty for feeling sorry for myself.

This disease brings so many emotions for me that I really battle with daily. When I have time I listen to hypnosis to calm me and find this helps keep everything in check.

I hope you find remission again soon. It's hard to see a positive when you're in the middle of a flare but I've personally found if I dwell on it I don't get better as quickly so I keep trying everyday. Hang in there Scott.