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Very frequent perianal abscesses

Hello, I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2014 (showed symptoms way before, cant remember when). I started imuran last year (150mg) and I have a complex situation of perianal fistulae. My first perianal abscess was in 2010, and ever since I started getting more abscesses in the span of few months, that went on for a year or so. I felt better last year, havent had an abscess flare up for over a year until last January (an old abscess closed up after taking a course of antibiotic when I got the flu) 10 days after it, I had two abscesses that were painful, 5-6 days ago I had one and now I'm forming one (perianal abscess's head closed off and now its forming again). I dont understand why this is happening very frequently and it's very dreadful, is imuran not working anymore? I was abscess-free for over a year without even starting imuran. My doctor recommended Humira but I can't afford it and I don't have an insurance that would cover it. I'm a graduate student and currently conducting a fieldwork research and my situation is jeopardizing my academic life.