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VERY Nasty Question :/

Is this true? This guy I know said his mother had some sort of trouble colon wise throughout her life but he didn't know her diagnosis it seems. Anyway he said if you get more than 2 or 3 colonoscopies your intestines FALL OUT?

It scared me half to death, I already had one last year when I was diagnosed with Crohns. This guy said his mom had so many things done to her health wise that anytime she'd take a crap her intestines would fall out and she had to push them back in!!!!! How likely is that to happen to Crohns patients? :eek:

she didn't go to the hospital like she should of when they kept falling out of her bum! She was older but only in her 50's or 60's!!!!! AAAAAA
It sounds like she had a prolapsed rectum. This happens when muscles holding the rectum in place get weak for various reasons, but colonoscopies are not one of them! I've had many in my life with no problems at all.

Please, please don't let this put you off of getting them!
This doesn't sound true to me. It sounds like she may have had a rectal prolapse which is when he muscles and ligaments become week and causes this kind of problem. If she never went to the hospital to have this looked at how would she have known how it was caused.
I really don't think the colonscopy would have been the cause I wouldn't worry.
If anyone else knows about this or if I'm wrong I'm sure people will post.
Ah Honey, He's a nasty man, No, colonoscopies won't cause your intestines to fall out, I've had CD for 25 years and if I could join every scope together that I ever had then I could probably see to the other side of the galaxy hahaha, but seriously a bowel can prolapse, it can happen for a number of reasons and you don't have to have crohn's for it to happen but it is rare. Don't be worrying yourself. We have enough to be worrying about and stress is never a friendly emotion for us.
Sorry for the short answer but my battery is just about flat, Take care honey and don't be listening to those who just want to scare you.
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I've had so many people look up my butt thru scopes over the years I could have filled a stadium. As for this guy, well him I don't know. As for his mother, my guess is that her problems started when he stuck his head up there. Just another misguided attempt to return to the uterus.


I think you need to ditch that friend and find a new one if he comes up with stuff with that jibberish.
I had 17 colonoscopies in 20 years, 3 abscess, 3 rectal surgeries and my intestines did not fall out - your friend is confused, his mom may have had a rectal prolapsed that can be many diff things and nothing to do with Crohn's.
I'm sorry, but I kind of laughed when I read this!! That is so funny that someone would tell you that when they have no idea what they are talking about!

I've had probably close to 10 scopes since I was diagnosed and I've never had this problem :)
Yeah, that's ridiculous that he even told you that! Its like 'lets poke my nose in and tell you something to scare you to death' There are a lot of ignorant people out there. The best thing to do is try to ignore these stupid comments!


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i've had loads of scopes in the 38 years of crohns. last one done Friday, with kiddie scope but was agonies. they cannot manage to knock me out so i felt it all, especially when they forced it through my 'severe stricture with ulcerations and bleeding'. but you get over it quite quick though. i have, on occasions, had the prolapsed rectal issue, but i never mention that to the doctor. thats just too embarrassing. the prolapse seems to come and go of its accord.

generally a scope is a good thing, they really can check things out. most people don't remember it. btw, what remains of my colon is 'normal', yippppeeee!!!!
I've had 12 colonoscopies and never heard such a thing. I'm sure if it were even remotely possible it would be on the release form you have to sign. I'm an attorney, and I know if it was a possible complication, even a very remote possible complication, it would be on the release, because no doctor would be willing to risk a lawsuit over a KNOWN possible complication.
I've had so many people look up my butt thru scopes over the years I could have filled a stadium. As for this guy, well him I don't know. As for his mother, my guess is that her problems started when he stuck his head up there. Just another misguided attempt to return to the uterus.
Thanks for always injecting you wonderful sense of humor Kev!
I hope for the poor lady's sake that this isn't true. I remember how I used to tell my little brother when he was 3 or 4 years old that hydrogen peroxide would make his finger fall off. This of course was after I'd applied the peroxide to his finger after he gave one of my mom's guests the bird. Anyway, that's the first thought I had when I read this.

I really hope it's not true. I really don't want that to happen to me.
no- have never heard that one. this does remind me of a story i saw on tv though:

a woman was on a cruise liner and was having a bowel movement she covered the whole toilet with her butt in order not to create a smell. she flushed the toilet and the force of the suction in the toilet pulled her intestines out....she was found by her husband, had emergency surgery and lived happily ever after- true story!!!
sorry for side-tracking!
I think he means rectal prolapse, as Misty said. He should stay things like that knowing what you're going through! NOT cool...

As Kev said, I too have had more scopes than I can count in 20+ years with Crohn's, never had rectal prolapse. Which by the way you can get without Crohn's and some people are prone to for whatever reason. It's fixable with surgery, so don't sweat it Hon.