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Video explaining success with Elemental diet


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South Northants
Hi Lady,
Sorry I just haven't been on in a while as I've been really poorly. thanks for the link. Can you believe that the video says it's unavailable in the UK, lol. However, it does lead us to more you tube videos on the subject. These should help a few others. I'm surprised others haven't linked on to this thread.

Lady Organic

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Hi Spooky,

sorry just saw your reply. Humm its too bad the link is unavailable in UK. I just checked it, still available from Canada. Its Youtube, that weird...

here's a link to the Tv website : Crohns disease is in episode 3, maybe you can find a way to watch it there or see if the channel will air the show again.


this TV show is really interesting, its a team of 2 doctors and a nutritionnist who have nutrition/supplement approaches to help all sorts of disease, based on scientific research.