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Violent Vomiting??

Hello lovely fellow Crohnies, just thought I'd ask if anyone else suffers with vomiting?

Of course I am well used to the action at the other end of the digestive system, but things have taken a new turn for me, and I'm not sure if it's the Crohns or the Aza?

Let me give you the gory details...

I went to my Judo class (I try to keep active when my bum isn't playing up too much). Was just chatting to my friend before going to get changed and got that feeling - you know the one... get to the toilet now or things are going to get embarressing for all concerned.... I sprinted off and murdered the facilities. Not a great experience because they are open at the ceiling through to the changing rooms and the dojo - I dont think there was a person in there (only about 100 people) who didn't know that I was having a moment.

So, moment passed, and I walk out but then start with a really hot flush (totally dripping with sweat), and decide to go outside and just sit on my car for a moment.

Next thing I know I am on my hands and knees throwing up violently all over the car park. Vomiting violently is easier said than done if you don't actually eat anything... I live off soya milk and the occasional bit of grilled fish, so once the milk was gone I was just dry heaving in a most attractive fashion. Couple that with the fact that my butt cheeks were clenched like steel in case my bowels decided they wanted a piece of the action too.

I was spotted (clearly I wasn't being as discreet as I'd hoped), and some good samaritans took me home, all the while with agonising stomach cramps. Once home I again viciously assaulted the toilet, after which I draw a blank. Hubby arrived home some time after to find me unconscious on the floor having apparently fainted and cracked my head on a chest of drawers...

I'm still riding the vomit comet on a regular basis, and I have terrible pains - all in the usual place - ileocecum...right hand side, like someone is sticking knitting needles in me...

Where I'm having a problem getting my head around this is the fact that I am on max dose steroids AND azathioprine - shouldnt I feel great? And vomit? Do any of you guys ride the vomit comet like this? Could it be the Aza?

I have to admit I am seriously wondering if I can carry on working at this rate... the teacher who vomits (or worse) all over the car park is not a great reputation and potentially career limiting. On top of everything else I am SOOO tired...

Hmm, not sure if I just wanted to rant there, (potentially overshared once again), but let me know if anyone is the same - it might just make me feel better to know some other poor devil is riding the same wave as me!

Thanks for listening guys!


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Hiya, Lishy!

Sorry you're on puke patrol :(

I have periods where I vomit really violently, too. However, never to the point where I've passed out! It sucks when there's nothing left in you, but your body just keeps on going.

Don't worry - no such thing as TMI or oversharing on here!

I feel your pain :(


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Yes Ma'am, listen to Shantel. Get your butt to the ER. I vomit when things are blocked. And you cracked your head!!!! Have the hubby take you PRONTO! Let us know how you are....

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I have been SO ADD lately, like more than usual... I've been leaving posts in the middle of typing and just hitting "post."

I've never had a blockage. Do you have pain when you vom?

And yeah - get to the doc!!! Hope you feel better!
It could be the Aza. How long have you been on it, have you up'd the dose recently, does it usually make you feel a bit pukey? If your last Aza dose was around 5 - 6 hours before feeling sick I'd be blaming it. Dont take the next dose and either get to A&E or phone your GP's out of hours service for a shot of stemitil. And contact your consultant!

(been there done that and got the tee-shirt)
oops... thanks everyone for your responses - I will march down to the docs as soon as they open in the morning.

Didn't think about the blockage side of things... but now I think about it...haven't had the squits (or anything else of substance) for the last couple of days... everything does appear to be going up rather than down...

Aza - yes I have only started it recently but didnt notice anything at first with it...

On the fainting I do have low bp anyway (dicky heart as well), so I think I am prone if I get a bad bout - I have passed out before after being particularly mean to the WC (I thought it was just the smell!)

I fainted today as well, although I had attempted to get back to my judo class complete with heat pad and enough padding round my belly to make me look like a hippo, but spectacularly slamdunked face first into the mat and was sparko for a bit. I am now sporting a classy looking mat burn on my face!

It's been a BAD week!

Just off to vom again...

Lishy, the exact same thing has happened to me. Same scenario, except I was cheerleading, but same location and dash to the outside carpark! I had recently started Azathioprine when that happened so it could be a possible cause.

However I had vomited due to the Crohn's before that point and continue to do so now. It tends to come and go like others have said - I guess this disease really is that unpredictable.

Take good care of yourself though, hope the doctors appointment goes okay - I really hope you're feeling a little better and brighter soon. :)
Yup, that sounds very much Aza. I was 3 weeks in when I went from feeling very tired, and only a little pukey but notthing to write home about, to horrible pain in my right side, generally ill feeling and about to puke. My consultant said straight away it's the Aza and took me off it.

Hope you're better this morning and the doc's dont try to convince you to take it again!
Thank you all for your advice and your best wishes!

Have seen the doc and he thinks it is the Aza. The choice was ride it out (NO!), stop the Aza (not likely - want to stop pooping sometime this year!) or add to my concoction of drugs with some anti-emetics! I chose anti-emetics,...

I am desperate to give the Aza a good shot as I cant see what my options are if that doesn't kick it?

The only other thing he noticed is that I do have a lump in my belly which is quite painful - maybe an adhesion or something so I am under strict instructions to show it to my gastro guy when I see him in two weeks...

Am seriously bored with this illness though.

Thanks guys!

Lishyloo x
Good luck with that!

I asked my consultant about toughing it out with anti-emetics as the alternatives didn't look too attractive either. His comment was that in his experience the nausea doesn't go away.

Next on the list is mercaptopurine - the active metabolite of Aza, then methotrexate.
Hi Lisyloo, I am sorry to hear that you have not been well, I like you have been suddenly voilently sick, it tends to come on suddenly and I get this real pain in the middle of my chest like its nothing I eat is going anywhere. i then get this urge to be sick and it just pumps out like somthing out of the exorsist it projects all over the place. Its no fun and I have even had accidents the other end whilst being sick great fun!

I do hope you start to feel better x
oh bummer! Thanks for the info Beth.

Ah well, I will try and "tough" it out until I see the consultant and see what he says....

Typical NHS though, he told me I HAVE to be reviewed at his clinic on 27th October, so my appointment got sent through for 26th November... Called the appt line to point out the error and they offered me an alternative appt... in December....arrggghhh!!! Its like I'm talking a different language!

I just want to get this nailed and into remission of sorts so I can reclaim my life! I used to work 50+ hours a week in a high pressure environment, and now I'm thinking of quitting my dull as dishwater totally non taxing 30hr a week job because I dont seem to be able to cope! Starting to resign myself to the possibility of low paid casual jobs as and when I am fit which is galling as I had such a great (and well paid) career before this hit me...

Ok I am going to stop grumbling now... all I do is grumble!