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Vision and Remicade

Guys just wondering if anyone on Remicade has had problems with their eyes - I'm just getting quite sore itchy eyes. It could be me spending too much time on the Net or something, but in my old job I used to be on the computers 7-8 hours a day, day in day out and not have any problems.

I've had conjuctivitus before so I know how that feels,but its not as bad as conjuctivitus (yet).

I don't remember any of the side effects of remicade effecting eyes - though I could be wrong.

Please enlighten me breatheren - Hopefully I'll still be able to read your posts
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I was thinking the same thing Carrie - uveitis. James, been on it for years and have never had any chronic eye stuff. I get blurry vision from time to time (rarely) but I think it is from over use or - eegads - age. Hope you can get it figured out.
Just googled it, its not that bad, just more tiredness and dryness. I'll just see how it is tomrorrow. As long as its not linked to the remicade I'm happy.Cheers guys


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You probably have the creeping crud....That's what my mom use to call any little health annoyance we got....
yes, my eyes have been tired and sometimes begin burning and generally very sensitive to lighting... but i don't know if it's the remicade... i've always had eye issues mainly from the crohn's. for example, i had episcleritis before.... so i dunno.
I know pred makes my vision crappy, but when I was on Remicade, I really didn't have much of an issue with it. It seems that vision problems happen to most people because of the meds or lack of nutrition.