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Visit to the GI today

I saw my GI today. They want to wait until after I have been on Stelara for three months and see if my stomach settles down any. Besides they want to wait until things settle down more from the surgery on my scalp. Sometimes, I feel like anything that goes in my stomach upsets it right now. By the way, I will have to have a colonoscopy at the end of the three months because I am due. Just an interesting side matter, I have shrunk three and a half inches in the last twenty eight months. The PA says it could be related to the Crohn's or the medicine I take.
I hope the Stelara does the trick and works much faster in settling your stomach. I get my colonoscopy/Upper GI today - GI took lots of biopsies so I am praying all the layering of this disease can be found!!

Good luck!!

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Thanks for the update Ron!!! Glad that you've shrunk that much & hopefully things continue to go well for you.

Ali, hopefully you'll get the answers you're hoping for from this colonoscopy. I have been there and know what it's like to be wanting to be finally treated and taken care of.
Thanks . I thought they were sending out a nurse to give the injections to me but I have to go to the doctor on Monday to learn how to give tbe injection to myself.