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Vit D question

Looking for any ideas here.......

My recent lab work shows my Vit D to be very high. I don't take any supplements, and I don't eat dairy. Sun can not cause this, so any suggestions?

My NP said she would look into this, but at this point we don't know why. Meds are - Methotrexate, Pentasa.

Discovered this lab was high when she did lots of blood work as I have wicked insomnia and she wanted to rule out any medical cause.

Anyone got any suggestions?
also.... anyone got any suggestions for insomnia that don't involve taking sleeping pills?
Pretty open to any suggestions.... have tried sleep hygiene, herbal teas, yoga, exercise...


Well you can get vitamin D from the sun, are you out much without sun screen? What was your level?

At very high levels it could be toxic or signal an issue but first let us know the # and range because you might have a good high number which is optimal.
The NP has told me that the sun would not cause the level to elevate. I have done some 'Google' research on this and found this also, but it all points to taking too much Vit D supplement or eating too much Vit D food. I don't eat dairy ( I live on carbs), and don't take any supplements. Normal values are 10.0-75.0 mine was 131.8
Just don't know what it could be related to? I don't feel bad, so that's a good thing. Looking at causes for insomnia so did lots of different labs. This was the only one elevated.
What's your ethnic background? Safety guidelines for Vitamin D exposure are seriously confounded by the fact people from different ethnic groups seem to have radically different "normal" levels.
I think an endocrine consult might be a good idea. Definitely something that needs to be looked into. What kinds of foods do you eat? Even carbs can contain vit D, maybe check into that a bit more.