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Vitamin D supplements


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Hi all

At a recent visit to my GI, he informed me that my vitamin D levels are currently low and he thinks this could be related to me feeling generally rubbish lately.

He wrote me out a prescription for supplements and in his rush to move on forgot to tell me what medication it was (he usually explains in detail what the med is, why he's chosen that specific one and the benefits v risks) .

When I picked the medication up from the pharmacy, I noticed it was calichew D3. I understand the vit D but the calcium threw me, since I am usually told that I'm not to take extra calcium in this form under any circumstance... I have not started to take them yet as I want to get advice from here and my GP first.

Does any one know of any good vitamin D supplements that are vit. D only and no or little calcium?

My reason for no calcium is that I have high levels of it in my blood , so if I take supplements with it in, it could rocket above the 3.0 level that's classed as needing emergency treatment.

Are the risks of low vit D worth the risk of the high amount of calcium in these tablets? (I'd be taking 1000mg calcium a day)


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That's what I thought..

I dont have problems with my parathyroid gland, this has been looked into and ruled out a few times, so I think vitamin D on its own should be okay for me.

We think I have a type of hypercalceamia which runs through families, my grandmother also has it and they havent been able to find a definitive cause.

My calcium generally falls between 2.75 and 2.9 and the upper normal is 2.6 . So while it is not generally dramatically high, we have to keep an eye on it and be careful with extra calcium.

Thankyou for your response :) .
Www.nutricentre.com. They have lots of different vitamin D supps on there. I have just ordered the D lux 3000 spray one, I'll be doing 3 sprays under my tongue daily. I also ordered hypoallergenic (easier on the stomach) magnesium glycinate and will open the capsules and add to my liquid multi vit and mineral.

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I take vitamin D3 by Solgar, it's pure D minus the gelatin and oil for the capsule. I take 10,000 IU because I was very low but they have different formulations. It's been helping and I tried a lot before.