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Vitamin D

Quick question: Why is it important that I take vitamin d now? I can understand it being important if perhaps I were a candidate for a POSSIBLE crohns diagnosis (example, a sibling or child of mine) BUT why is it important now, even though I have the disease. My understanding was that it could be used as a possible preventative supplement. I am doing my best to give my son as much vitamin d rich foods, though there aren't many. I live in northern Ontario where sun is not as "readily available" like it would be in the south lol
I don't mind taking the supplement, I was just wondering what good it is doing for crohns at this point.
Vitamin D is important for a lot of your bodily functions. It helps your immune system fight infection, it can prevent and treat depression and it has many many other functions. They are finding it may prevent a whole bunch of chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, and other autoimmune diseases. I take 4000 IU per day just to get my levels to normal. In the summer I still take 1000 IU per day. I think the good it does for crohns is that it can help your body heal from infections and things of that nature.

Try the carlson vitamin D drops, its a really easy way to give vitamin D to children. I give my 2 year old 400 IU per day and double it when she is sick.

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Hi Kacey.. Vitamin D is an important Vitamin for all ages, male or female. IT helps bone, hair, and skin.. helps to fight the disease before and during. More so because I too live in Ontario, the sun isnt always available or good for us now anyways. Children can get Vitmin D drops and chewables. Vitamin D is the sunshine Vitamin and was proven to help reduce inflammation in Crohn's in a recent study. In a survery I saw awhile ago all Doctors dont take all supplements but the one they dont skip is Vitamin d, they all took it. So there has be good reasons for us to take it too!:)
Oh yeah and next time you get blood work done, ask them to check your vitamin D levels. A lot of Canadians are really low on Vitamin D.


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Interesting. (This is all very new to me!) Does the literature say if Vitamin D is one of the links to the high rate of Crohn's among Canadians?
Low vitamin D is implicated in so many different disease processes including Cancer that it is really one of the most important supplements you can take.

I do not believe the disease process cannot be altered once you have it. Whatever damage is done, will likely not go away, but we can influence the degree of severity, or possibly reduce severity to a minimum.

I do think it is much easier to prevent the disease than reverse its progress. The old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" was never more true than with disease.

I was badly flared at one time, and had surgery to remove a stricture. I had problems getting it back under control, but I did get it under control with a concentrated effort. I used the best of conventional and alternative medicine to do it. I have not been having any Crohn's problems for quite a long time. Over two years. I am not going to give it much chance to get like it was before.

That does not mean everyone can reach that level, but odds are we can all improve from where we are today.

I guess I am just an optimist, but you do have to believe something is possible, before it becomes possible for yourself.



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An interesting read -- thank you for the link. I think I'll sit down with a dietician to go over options for supplements such as Vitamin D. I've been applying information that I've learned on this site already (especially low residue diet) and it's been a real help.
Did all your doctors suggest you meet with a nutritionist or did you seek that advice out on your own?

Since I was first diagnosed I felt like I needed to meet with one, but my doctor hasn't seemed concerned with my food intake, nor has he suggested the use of any supplements. I find that kind of odd, considering how thorough he seems to be otherwise.

My doctor does not think I need to see a dietitician or a naturopath. But medical doctors are trained to medicate in order to treat illness.

I believe very strongly that what we put into our bodies has a direct impact on how we feel and function so if you think seeing a dietitician would be beneficial, consider it.

I was just diagnosed a month ago and have not yet sought alternative medical advice. I am first reading as much as I can and formulating a list of questions. I do plan to see someone down the road.
I completely agree. I've always subscribed to the thought "Let your food be your medicine."

Look how far it got me :roflanim:

As far as seeking alternative therapy I am in the same boat. Starting bikram yoga and acupuncture for my back soon.



I met a man recently who covers public health interests for the Phila Enquirer (the big daily paper). He was researching the flu, and specifically why the flu hits during "flu season." He said Vitamin D deficiency was a leading theory - that Vitamin D levels are lowest during flu season and this makes us more susceptible to flu.

He also said that his research had found that most Americans are very deficient in Vitamin D. I am taking 10,000 daily and my levels are just about at normal.

- Amy
Wow, thanks so much everyone for all of the great info!!!
another question, my doc just said that I need to be taking Calcium with Vitamin D (on top of my iron, b12, imuran and remicade!!! argh) But he didn't mention how many I should be taking. I figured 1 tablet a day is good, I don't know lol
Any idea how much I should take?? You'll probably suggest I ask my doc, but I'd NEVER be able to get a hold of him for a question like this. He is only in the office once a week, and rarely returns non-life or death phone calls. :( boo

in regards to vitamin D and it's importance, I am so glad to have all of this great info. I google everything, but it's so much nicer speaking with real people, with the same problems as myself. Thanks again!!

Jettalady-where in north/west Ontario are you?
I'm in Lively, which is a small town within the city of Sudbury.
hi guys,
interesting comments.
My GI has just put me on 3months of vitamin D (along with the usual calcium.) even though my vitamin d levels were relatively normal.

You need Magnesium to absorb the Calcium. Both are needed to make use of Calcium. Vitamin D-3, and Magnesium. Actually I think it is more likely someone would be deficient in Magnesium than Calcium.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals to get enough of in my opinion. I tke it every day, but no calcium supplement. I think I get plenty of Clacium from my diet. You also need more Magnesium than Calcium for proper absorbtion.

So the supplements I have are called "calcium citrate with vitamin D"
It's 250 mg calcium and only 50 IU vit. D
So I am guessing this just isn't enough? Should I be taking like 4 of these?
I am not sure if weight has anything to do with the dose, but I am 100lbs.
Thanks again for all the info! I will check out magnesium as well!!
Vitamin D is also helpful in preventing multiple sclerosis, which has been linked to crohn's disease. I'm not sure whether it has been proven, but I read an article recently that said it has been thought that those with crohn's disease have an increased chance of developing MS.
My mom has MS and I have crohn's. needless to say Vitamin D is my friend!!