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Vomiting bile every morning for last 3weeks, advice please?

Hello everyone. Would love if someone could give me some advice here. As soon as i wake up in the morning I feel nauseous and know matter how hard i try not to vomit its like it has to come out. Green or yellow bile always followed by white foam. This has been happening for over 3weeks now and only in the morning time. I'm taking imuran and pentasa since i was diagnosed three years ago. Have just moved country to France a few months ago and saw a gastro here who's put me on my seventh course of steroids in three years, not loving this. Will this help? Anyone any idea what could cause this. This has happened randomly before but never this consistently. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
At first I thought maybe some sort of obstruction, or Liver/Pancreas issues, but have they done any scopes/imaging? Could be a stomach "bug"...
I've just had an ultrasound so far which shows liver and pancreas normal. Having a rectoscopy soon so my new gastro can see what's going on. I've had a few partial obstructions in the last three years but its not the same, don't think it could be a bug either because its literally only in the morning time. Don't have much energy and alot of joint pain lately, i think its just taking it out of me. Its a strange one. Gastro didn't seem too worried about it though or know why it might be happening. Also my bloods are normal.
Hm, this may be a bit farstretched, but I know acid reflux problems like GERD can be more severe in the morning, since after laying flat for hours and you wake up, the acid backwashes. Of course that can lead to nausea and then vomiting would occur...maybe ask her if that's a possibility?
I haven't looked too much into GERD actually but yes its literally as soon as i open my eyes I'm naseous and once its all out thats it. Usually vomit two or three times. I never get heartburn though but definitely have problems digesting food properly. I'm going to look up a bit more about it. Thanks for your help and any other imput welcome.
I don't think so unless they'd see that on the ultrasound? My aunt and cousin both had theirs removed and my Dad needs to get his out too. Oh no! Must find out what their symptoms were. Would something like GERD or gallbladder issues not show up on blood tests?
Gallbladder would typically be seen on Ultrasound, and what's indicative of Gallbladder issues is having pain soon after eating. GERD would not show up on blood tests; there are a few ways to find out, the most common is an EGD/upper scope look at the esophagus and stomach, etc....or have a barium swallow, etc.

If you stay lying flat, do you still have the nausea? Alsooo I'm sorry to throw this out there but it just clicked in my head....morning sickness? Are you possibly expecting? Sorry, i know that's a weird question! I'm trying to figure out all the causes haha :)
Thank you so much for you're help sea star! Don't think it's my gallbladder so, not much pain after eating, only the regular bloating and discomfort but no real pain at the moment. Not pregnant either! Doc did a test :) No dizziness at all. Actually woke up early today feeling nauseous but managed to go back to sleep again, when I woke up again there was no stopping it. It's like everything has to come out before I can start my day. Have felt a bit nauseous here and there throughout the days but only vomiting in the morning and even if I eat late the night before, there's never food, just bile and foam. Hope you're feeling well yourself Sea Star
Just thought i would add even though i don't think its connected you never know. I was having really bad periods for a few months, crohns would always go crazy too. Had to have an operation nearly two weeks ago now, they thought i had a big poylp or blood clot in my uterus, turned out to be a big blood clot. Have an appt in two weeks to see if my uterine lining has returned to normal, really hope so. They said its possible there's still a polyp but in the wall. This vomiting was happening about two weeks before the operation so nearly four weeks now. Gyno really didn't think the vomiting was anything to do with this. It's like my body is freaking out. Would be great to hear from anyone who's had a blood clot before, there seems to be nothing online about this at all. Thanks in advance :)
Thank you. No haven't started any new meds. Bank holiday here today so will ring the gastro tomorrow. Hopefully won't wait too long for that. Just want it to stop! I'll keep you posted
Hello again! I meant to say how I got on since. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy in December. So the good news is my Crohns has improved since my last tests. Bad news is I have gastritis in my stomach, negative for h phlori. Took a ppi for a month and it definitely helped, I stopped vomiting. A week after stopping it started again and I felt worse than before. Same again four mornings in a row. Went to my gp and he put me back on ppi's for another month and they helped again but this week I've been sick a few mornings again and I still have a week left on this course. It's really getting to me now. Don't like the sound of these ppi's as I don't think they're really going to fix the problem, they're just hiding it for a while. I see my gastro again in 3weeks but she wasn't even convinced that the gastritis was making me vomit so I'll have to wait and see what she says now. Any advice greatly appreciated :)