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Vomiting Blood

Hello Crohns Family!

Im currently in the hospital, so i am in a safe place.
But i feel alone and scared and have to write somebody who might be able to relate??

I started Stelara in August and since then i been tapering down my prednisone.

I had managed to taper down my prednisone to 5mg, when all of a sudden i started to vomit and feel unwell last week and made my way to the hospital. I knew my 2nd Stelara dose was coming up, so i was hoping i wouldnt need to start another cycle of prednisone, but since i wouldnt stop throwing up, they didnt want to give me stelara until i was more stable, so they put me up to 50mg pred and kept me in the hospital.
Now my “crohns” is getting under control with the Stelara and prednisone in the last few days.

But i’m still vomiting! And last night i even puked up blood...lots of it.
I almost fainted cause it was so scary.

I’ve taken prednisone since march. Sometimes high doses like 100mg / 60mg and then tapering only to flare up again.
So im wondering if this has caused a stomach ulcer? Does anyone have this experience?
Or throwing up so much that eventually blood comes up?

Is this crohns? Or something else?

My whole body aches from vomiting contractions.

I want to go home so bad. But everytime something new happens. Its the weekend so i wont get any answers today, so maybe there is someone here i can chat too!?

Any words of hope is appreciated!!


my little penguin

Staff member
Do you take a ppi (nexium or Prilosec) or h2 (Zantac or Pepcid ) blocker with your pred to protect your stomach ?
When was your last upper scopes and imaging ?
Hi Luciana. So sorry this is happening to you, but you are in a safe place and you will get those answers. What does the staff at the hospital think might be causing this? Did you taper from 10 mg prednisone to 5 mg or did you taper from 7.5 mg?

Please keep us posted. It's bound to get better.


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Hospitals can be lonely places especially at weekends.
I have just been discharged after a scare...so i really feel for you.
Are you receiving medications like proton pump inhibitors...very effective in the treatment of ulcers.
It sounds like a high dose of prednisone that you are receiving.
Hopefully you will soon be recovering with appropriate treatment...but first the cause of the bleed has to be established
Meanwhile...keep your chin up.