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Vomiting on Elemental, reaction or normal?

Trying to continue with the EO28 Splash but now with the projectile vomiting I don't know if it's my body reacting to it or part of the process.
Have had extreme nausea, cold, hot and fatigue while doing the drinks the past 2 weeks which along with the mental crap of not eating has led to breaks in keeping with just the drinks but the last 4 days I have been strict despite being surrounded by stupid people at work.
Everyday the nausea gets worse and ginger, chewing mint leaves, Dramamine never really take it away and makes drinking the boxes HELL.
Tonight nausea really bad, dizzy so drank water with lime slice and BAM cranked up nausea to point of running to bathroom and let it all up.

Doctor at first with nausea said body has to adjust stay hydrated, etc but vomiting I don't think is good. Will call in am but not expecting her to say much.

Is it normal? Anyone else had this?
Thanks for reading the babble.
Hi Roni,

I'm not familiar with E028 Splash but I can respond with my experience of Elemental 028 Extra.

I didn't have any nausea or vomiting when I was on elemental extra, but was told to build up the quantity over three days to allow my body to get used to it and was told I might experience nausea/vomiting if I had too much too quickly. If you've been on them for two weeks already that sounds like plenty of time to adjust, but did you start on the full amount or build up slowly? And did you have any nausea or vomiting before you started the diet? Perhaps you're reacting to one of the ingredients if not?

My next thought is to do with how quickly you're drinking the cartons and how much you're having each day. Does drinking them more slowly help at all? The cartons I have, which are 250ml, I have to drink slowly over 30 minutes or so. Sometimes if I drink them too fast I do feel bloated afterwards.

If you're still having problems after building up slowly and drinking them slowly, I'd suggest getting back to your doctor about it. It sounds like you're not managing to keep much down so which will probably mean you're not getting the full nutrition from the drinks. There are other types of EN which you could try which you might tolerate better.

I can really empathise with the difficulty of having these drinks at work. My colleagues would come in with bacon rolls, crisps, cakes...all things I couldn't have and I'd have to sit there being able to smell and see the food, hearing them proclaim how delicious it was and what annoyed me the most is the main person that did this knew I wasn't able to eat anything. It really is hard and some people can be very inconsiderate. It's REALLY hard at first, but I promise you it does get easier with time.

Hope you manage to get things sorted,

Sarah thanks for your kind reply.
I've been doing the drinks for a few weeks but went off track twice when still trying to get over the mental part of no food. So I was building my way up this last time and hit day 5 when the vomiting kicked in but it was an off day with a lot happening so I think many things brought it on. I am extremely sensitive to smells so that played a bit of it I think.
Anyhow now I am again starting slowly but keeping bland rice in the mix to help settle me in. I go in morning to doctor and have lost weight but not to much so will see what happens.
Thanks again, Melissa
Hi Melissa,

I hope the appointment went/goes well. Did they come up with any ideas about why the elemental drinks are making you vomit?

Boiled rice is probably one of the best foods to eat if you do need something to keep your stomach settled, though I'm not sure how this will impact on the effectiveness of the elemental diet. One tip for the rice: make sure it's freshly cooked and hot when eaten because cold rice contains a form of starch which is difficult to digest (called resistant starch).

Good luck,

I have used elemental on and off for over 28 years, the trick is to start slowly over a few days and drink it cold, not ice cold, but cold. Do not drink fizzy water that makes your gut even worse. I always found the third day really hard, but once over this its OK. Boiled white rice does wonders for me, it is like a band aid inside my tummy, it feels really good. Good luck.