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Well friends, to just add to my issues in my "OMG!!" thread, I have officially began to vomit immediately after eating. Didn't lose the full meal (stopped myself), but had to get rid of a mouthful and the rest is just sitting like a lump in my throat waiting to come up.
I gotta say, this is a first for me. I've thrown up a few times from pain itself, but never from eating.
I'm guessing this is a bad sign of thing :(.
This also adds to the fact that this morning at the university I almost had my 6th 'accident' now while waiting for a free stall in the washroom.
GRR. I wanna cry :(.


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Oh no, that really sucks. It happens after every meal, regardless of what you eat? If I were you I'd go straight to the ER, vomiting isn't good and could be a sign of something like an obstruction. Please, go get checked out just to make sure it isn't a sign of something worse, and at the very least hopefully they can find the cause of it and get you some proper treatment. Do you take anything like Zofran or ginger for anti-nausea?
I take Metoclopramide for anti-nausea...
I will see what happens after I attempt to eat supper tonight. If I vomit again then I will go to the ER for sure...I was really hoping to hang on until I see my family doc in a week from now but at this rate I'm not sure I can keep holding off the hospital :/.
I'm going to also take a Buscopan to try settle down the stomach a bit. I just had another urgent attack of diarrhea. My bum is starting to feel raw from how much I have emptied myself today...


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Good luck with eating supper, I hope you are able to keep it down and avoid the hospital! Whatever you end up doing, I hope either the ER or your family doc can get this sorted out for you.

I know the raw bum feeling, too. Do you use any creams such as Calmoseptine? I use that and it is wonderful. It's cooling and soothing. During a flare I apply it after every trip to the bathroom. You might want to invest in a good cream like that for your poor bum.


Yes, please go to ER if things continue to come up!

I'm so sorry you are going thru this. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

well now I am bleeding dark red blood from my bum. It was mixed with mucous. Not sure if it is caused from the rawness or the flare itself?
I'm going to take it easy the rest of the day. Have a nap. When I wake up I will make some strong tea and eat light foods only. I'm determined to fight this without going to the ER. I REALLY don't want to sit in ER for 8+ hours!!


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Dark red blood wouldn't be caused by bum rawness - dark blood means it's had a chance to darken and it isn't "fresh" so it's come from higher up, probably in your small intestine somewhere. That should definitely be checked out by a doctor. Given the blood plus the vomiting, I would have to say please go to the ER and get checked out. I know you want to avoid it, but it sounds to me like things are getting worse rather than better and I think it's better to be safe than sorry.

Are you able to call your GI and let them know that you're going to be going to the ER? They might be able to help you avoid the wait and get you admitted or at meet you there so that you can get some proper care and quickly.
Other people have better advice than me, I just want to say I hope whatever happens you start feeling better soon. Sending some good thoughts your direction.


Habs, I agree with Cat.... dark blood, vomitting, mucus... get yourself to the ER!

Good luck - hope it turns out to be "nothing" but better safe than sorry!

- Amy


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These are not normal symptoms and are generally quite serious. Even if it were to go away on its own all you're allowing is more scar tissue to build up resulting in future complications. Bleeding and vomiting are both very bad signs. I hope you went to the ER even though they suck and take forever, they'll at least be able to help you by running some tests, blood work and treat your symptoms for now. This is something you want your specialist to handle rather than a general practitioner as well.
Well so far so good. I finally attempted to eat something. I had a couple tomato and lettuce sandwiches and a red pepper - light food. I feel a bit nauseated but have already lasted 15 minutes without vomiting, yay!
I would have gone to ER but needed the only cash I have to get to work tomorrow. Not going to be fun working all weekend. NOT AT ALL!
I will see what happens tomorrow. If the bleeding continues or the vomiting returns I will go after work.

Cat, to answer your question, I can only reach my GI during the day and during weekdays so tomorrow I will call to his office and hopefully catch his receptionist. If she's not there I'll leave a voicemail. He should know what's going on.


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I'm glad to hear you're keeping food down and that you've put in a call to your GI. That sucks that you have to work all weekend. Take it as easy as you can! I don't know if your workplace has anything like this, but my workplace has a "sick room" - an empty office with a cot to lie down on for those who are feeling ill. I take advantage of it when I need to, it's been so helpful for me on my bad days when I am still stubborn enough to go to work. Hopefully your workplace has an area like that too. I work full-time so I know how miserable it can be when you're feeling bad but still need to work. Good luck, and I hope your GI gets back to you quickly.
Good news! No more vomiting. Very close but I guess will power and Metoclopramide combined helps.
So I called my GIs office today and talked to one of the receptionists. Guess what?! My CTE has been transferred to here in Regina because it may be as early as end of March! She gave me the phone # to the x-ray lab of the hospital that will be doing it but I didn't get through so I left a voicemail. Rachelle suggested I see if they have a cancellation list, too.
Once I find out the date of my CTE I'm to call Rachelle back so she can squeeze me in for a follow-up shortly after. She doesn't want me waiting 2 months or something for results.
So much closer to a potential answer!!


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That's great, so happy for you! I hope you get some answers from the CTE. I know how frustrating it is to be undiagnosed and I hope you're able to join get a diagnosis very soon! Keep us posted when you have the CTE and good luck with it!


Hey Habs, glad you're feeling better!

There are some nasty stomach flus going around here in the States, hopefully that was it and it clears up for good very soon!

- amy
Well good news and bad news...
It may be a couple more weeks yet before I even hear when my CTE will be. Exactly when I called inquiring about my appointment she says the doctor is gone on holidays until next week. Even dumber is that he decides how soon the person should get in for the appointment (it isn't just first come, first serve) so that may delay my scheduled time even more. AND it may not even be the same guy doing the test himself! UGH.

The good news is that although I have come very close to vomiting again, I have not.
Unfortunately some of my symptoms returned today besides the extreme nausea: the urgent diarrhea and the bloody diarrhea just because I ate meat. :/.


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That sucks, habs. :( Please do consider going to the ER, especially if you vomit again or if things get worse. At the very least they should be able to give you anti-nausea meds so you can eat without feeling like vomiting. You shouldn't have to suffer and wait like, and things shouldn't grind to a halt just because one doctor goes on vacation. Please go to the ER if things don't improve or especially if things get worse.
Thanks, cat. Remember I FINALLY see my awesome family doctor tomorrow, the one that treats me. I'm going to beg for at least Pred. I don't know what else would work right now. And I'm sure she won't give me any other Crohn's meds without a diagnosis...
I am on anti-nausea pills already, Metoclopramide, 10mg, 4x day. But the urge to vomit is stronger. I've woke up twice in my sleep last night/this morning ready to run to the toilet but stopped myself. I've already diarrhea and I've yet to eat anything today (I don't eat breakfast) but maybe I will have some toasted rice bread and tomato/lettuce sandwich just so I try get some nutrients back in me.
I did have a stressful day yesterday (got told I need a sleep apnea test return, my respirologist is still convinced I either have sleep apnea or low oxygen at night). But I can tell the difference between stress symptoms and actual symptoms. These are much too extreme for one day of some stress.


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I hope you are able to get pred and that it clears things up for you. I'm undiagnosed myself and pred works well for me, but my GI feels that pred is too harsh for someone who isn't yet diagnosed, so he put me on Entocort instead. That works well for me too. So that's another option you might want to consider, if your doctor feels that pred is too harsh or carries too many side effects risks.

As far as getting nutrients back in you, have you tried any supplement drinks like Ensure or Boost? Those are pretty easy on the guts and might not cause as much diarrhea.
Uh oh, hello heavy bleeding and very painful BMs and burning sensation so intense that I was barely able to stand for 2 minutes in a lineup for tea :ybatty:

Just have to survive until tomorrow afternoon. I need to keep reminding myself that. Tomorrow afternoon...
I will ask her if she is willing to try something besides Pred, but I also don't want to be put on something that isn't covered on my drug plan (Pred costs me nothing).

I am going totally mental right now...


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:( I hope tomorrow afternoon comes quickly for you and that you can get some relief, whether it's from pred or something else! It sounds like you've made up your mind that you're doing to wait until your appointment, but please do consider going to the ER especially if your bleeding continues or worsens. Good luck and keep us posted on how tomorrow goes!
Yeah I just think after waiting almost 3 weeks to see her I don't want to sit in the ER for 5+ hours for a doc who doesn't know my history.
The bleeding slowed down during my BM at 1:00 a.m. this morning. The one I had just now was more mucous than anything.
I barely slept though due to excruciating pain. And this morning my stomach was so upset that every few seconds it would make a loud growling sound :/.
4 more hours!