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Vsl#3 No longer Sold in United States or Canada

my little penguin

Staff member

Went to pick up DS VSL#3 prescription strength
Pharmacy didn’t have any and couldn’t order any
Apparently no longer allowed to be sold in the US or Canada

Now to talk to Gi
It was the one thing good bad or indifferent that help
Sorry penguin :( I had a similar experience in 2014 when my insurance abrutly dropped VSL #3 DS withe the new health care laws. It was a miracle drug for me.
For those using VSL #3 or now Visbiome, how much are you using. The ND recommending only a 1/4 sachet a day for my son, but I wonder if it should be more. I see that the company recommends a sachet a day. What are your experiences and thoughts? :cool:

my little penguin

Staff member
Ds was started on 2 packets a day of the 900 billon packets for 30 days to build up his gut then switched over to 1 full packet a day every day .

Insurance would not cover vsl#3
But picked up the visobiome prescription strength today (900 billon )
And insurance covered it all
That's great! Don't know if insurance will cover in Canada. It wasn't prescribed by a medical doctor. I should look into this. Glad it is back on the market though.:)

my little penguin

Staff member
The lower dose versions capsule and regular packets (450 billon)
Are over the counter here and don’t need a doctor to prescribe them
The extra potency version (900 billion ) needs a doctors prescription
My Little Penguin - I have been purchasing the regular dose at my own expense but wonder if it is possible to ask my family doctor about a prescription..... I will first see if my extended insurance covers it though.

Thank you :dusty: