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VSL#3 probiotic. Opinions

I'm thinking of trying it. I have crohn's colitis being treated with infliximab, aza and pentasa.

have you ever tried this probiotic? how did it go? have you taken it while you were being treated with Infliximab?
Hello, my son took this product while on Infliximab and it didn't seem to make a difference. Eventually I stopped buying it (it's quite expensive) and it didn't change anything for him. It varies from person to person.
Same here, I didn't see any difference in my symptoms when taking it. I wasn't taking any biologics at that time.
I think it is worth trying. You can always stop if it doesn't work.

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It works for my kiddo
We stopped it twice and saw things get slightly worse in the rectal area /temesus
That said he was on biologics and methotrexate so those were doing the heavy work
Pricey but we use coupons from different prescription apps to lower the cost
I started yesterday with the first envelope, and my rutinary pain (during mornings) was reduced a lot. I guess it is a casuality because could be impossible to feel something with only 1 day. But we will see..
I tried it several years ago when (I think) it was being made by a different manufacturer. I took it for about five months and I couldn't tell that it did anything for me. Your mileage may vary, though.
The studies for ulcerative colitis were done on the original VSL-3 which is now marketed as Visbiome. The current VSL-3 is not the formula with all the empirical data and I think there was a lawsuit over all this.

Here's a helpful link:

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