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VSL #3

I've been tentatively diagnosed with Crohn's. Inflammation & pseudo polyps seen in the colon. My mother's friend, who has ulcerative colitis, recommended VSL #3. I'm thinking of trying it out.

Does anyone else use it?

my little penguin

Staff member
Ds has been on it for years
It’s proven to work in UC but not crohns
It’s now called visobiome (legal dispute)
He has to take it in addition to meds
But his rectum has a lot of issues so we tried it
Helps some
But can’t be used by itself

UC affects the top layer of the gut
Crohns affects through the entire thickness of the intestine so different types of meds
A GI can give you a script
They have regular otc
And then prescription based version
Ds takes the prescription one it's pricey and most insurances don’t cover it
Thank you! I've tried my first dose of it. Figured it was worth a dry. Ordered it from the company. It came in a little refrigeration pack.


Hey Kate, I find VLS3 great. It's well tolerated by me and seems to help my Crohn's symptoms loads. I have 1/2 sachet at a time.
Really hope it helps you!