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Waiting for new meds

For the 5 months I have been on Entocort waiting to go to Azathioprine, but obviously because of the pandemic I haven't been able to go onto the new medication. I have done some more bloods and stool samples recently and they are still not able to change my medication even though I am feeling a whole lot worse with this flare up I am having. Entocort hasn't really been doing much for me, it had helped slightly, but I have still been struggling. It has been taking a big impact on my work (I have still been working throughout the pandemic) and my employer isn't that understanding. Has anyone got any advise for me?
Sorry you are feeling terribly. Can you have a consult with your GI over the phone/web? You do need to get something changed for sure. What are your blood and stool samples howing? Entocort doesn't work for everyone. Have you tried ENSURE/BOOST as your sole diet to see if that helps?