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Waiting for results....

waiting for results....

So I went to get my scheduled dose of remicade yesterday....(I have crohns colitis and been on remicade 3 different times in the past 8years, this time for about 2years and have never had any problems)
I had just sat down when my GI walked in and said "We're putting it on hold until we get some tests done...."
Firstly was some urgent blood test, then a chest xray.
After reviewing the results my GI came back and discussed the results with me.
One of my white blood counts has been rising the last 2 months (cant remember what it was called but..) can indicate allergies/asthma or lymphoma etc. So she wants to stop remicade for now as a precaution until she finds out what is happening.
(She is still waiting on some other results to figure out what is causing my joint pain. Rheumatologist said possibly typical crohns arthitis or drug induced lupus?? another reason to stop the remicade!)
My GI thinks I may possibly have some kind of infection or something strange going on?
So next my GI decided to do a flexi sig while I was there and took a few biopsies, she saw some white speckling/granulation she has never seen before?!?
......... So Im just waiting at home now for my GI to ring with some results of any kind ....in the mean time I'll be slowly going crazy and feeling nauseous from the prednisone I started today!!

Thanks for reading my post.



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Hi Museen: I have my fingers crossed for you that whatever's going on will be easily resolved. Good catch by your GI!
hang in there! There is a light at the end of the tunnel...no matter how faint it looks now...it will get brighter!

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Don't ya just hate waiting to get results?? An hour seems like an eternity... good luck , let us know how it comes out. You have good doctor, Remicade and problems dont mix. She could spare you of long term problems.
Waiting is the worst part. I always thought I was a patient person until I have had to wait for test results. Hang in there, I also hope your results are easily and quickly solved.
Please let us know what happens
Hey M
How you going? Where is your joint pain? I have it in my SI joints, pelvis region. The methotrexate is supposed to help that too and touch wood my LERD/GORD stuff. Let us know how you get on, eh?