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Waiting for Specialist

Hello all,

I have been looking and researching my symptoms, and I believe I may have Crohn's.
My mother has Crohn's, she was diagnosed in her late 20's, which is what I am now.

I was hoping that I could share my symptoms and have any feedback or ask if anyone has similar experiences.

I started to have really bad stomach aches around 2.5 months ago. I even spent 12 hours in A&E because the pain was that bad, just to be sent home with co-codomal. My blood test showed some inflammation (CRP).
So far I have had: Blood test (2), stool test, MRI scan and a cervical screening - all which have come back with negative results. The only thing being, is that in both blood tests the CRP was 'elevated'.

My stomach pain gets really bad to a point where I am rolling around at home crying and shouting in pain (almost as though I am in labour).
This has happened a few times, and I only feel better after I have been sick.
I have noticed that some foods do make it worse, but even when I have not eaten anything, I have an almost constant pain - it never seems to fully go away.

This week I have developed a sore on my gum line, I believe it may be a Oral Fibroma (based on my google searches).
I feel extremely tired and fatigued all the time, and I am wondering if that is because I am in constant pain?

I am currently waiting for the specialists to reach out and make an appointment, as my doctor has referred me. They have referred me because of the family history.
If anyone could offer any advice, or ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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I'm sorry that you are in so much pain. So far you have a lot of abdominal pain, an elevated CRP (how high is it?), and a lesion on your gums. Those could be due to a case of Crohn's disease but it could be a lot of other things too. Have you had a colonoscopy? You probably cannot say Crohn's disease until a gastroenterologist gets a look at your colon and terminal ileum and collects tissue specimens.