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Waiting to feel normal

I had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove scar tissue at my anastomosis. The surgeon removed 4 inches of small bowel. I am recovering at a steady pace. But, I am so tired all the time. I can't wait to feel normal again.
Is is early days yet, took me about six months to get over my last op. I was back at work at six weeks. Take it easy and look after yourself.
Same here. I had open non-Crohn's related surgery in my mid twenties and bounced back really quickly. My recent surgery was laparoscopic, but it was a good 8 weeks before I felt fully fighting fit again. Maybe it's an age thing! Rest up and hope it's not too long before you are back to your old self,
I think you're into something there. In addition to being older, I have a job, a wife, and a young son to worry about, too. Some days, I walk a lot and get a few things done around the house. Other days, I barely have the energy to get off the couch.

The surgery was a cut into my old scar because my intestines were too matted together for laparoscopic. The best news is that there is no sign of inflammation or active crohns around the anastomosis.