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Waiting to see specialist

I am new to the site,
I have been suffer symptom for years, never sure what could be wrong or if it was just me.
Having had all the symptoms, diarrhoea, frequent explosive, cramps dull pain in right side, cramps, bloating, sticky eyes, joint pain, lots of blood in toilet first thing in morning…..you get the drift.
I final thought I need to do something about it,
Doctors were next to useless let’s of blood test and poking and prodding to no avail (slight fatty liver, which I believe is an symptom)
Final lost patience and went with private medical.
Had ultrasound, colonoscaphy and endoscopy, last too together!
Wait on official consultation with GI specialist, but as I work away he kindly sent me a letter with results.
I have hietas hernia, stomach ulcer, rosia of the stomach, some inflammation noted in colon and an ulcer noted in descending colon, half a dozen small polyps noted and removed
Pathology from polyps are tubular Ademas with low grade displacier, and the Ulcers are granuloma.
I am not to sure what this means (sorry about the spelling)
But from the limited info I have I think it could be Chron’s
I see GI specialist 30th so I should be enlightened then.
Any advice and comments welcome as I have no experience with chron’s.