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Want to know more about paleo for IBD? (video)

Part 1 is a great short concise introduction to Paleo (and SCD in part 2)
Well worth a look
Great series of talks on paleo and IBD by Dr. Joseph Brasco of the Huntsville Center for Colon and Digestive Disease and a few of his patients.
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

and then there are 5 on supplements
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My friend is a paleo diet mentor for me and has suggested these websites:

thepaleomom (great recipes and how to start suggestions)
thecivilizedcaveman (good bana bread recipe)
againstallgrains (haven't visited this one myself)
mark'sdailyapple (as above)
livinlavidalowcarb and undergroundwellness (she says good podcasts)

I'm on day 3 of paleo and my tummy loves it. Good luck.