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Warfarin and Crohn's

I soon need to make the choice of whether to take Warfarin or not following the formation of a clot in my liver (which we think is as a result of a perforated bowel brought on by Crohn's).

I was just wondering if anyone on the Forum, with Crohn's, is taking Warfarin and whether there are any complications that I need to be aware of?
I was on warfarin but had an allergic reaction. Looked like I had the plague :ybiggrin:. I had to swap and give myself fragmin injections for 6 months. If you are on warfarin you have to have your inr levels checked regularly.

I was fine, I think there are concerns about bleeding for us crohnies but other than that you should be fine xxx
I am on warfarin due to blood clot in leg and I have to have blood levels checked every month. So far I have not had any problems after being on this blood thinner for over a year. You do have to be careful with bleeding.
My situation is compounded by a low platelet count (66) so you can see that I will be doubly concerned about bleeding. If it really is a close call as to whether I start the Warfarin, or not, then I'd rather give it a miss
I totally understand. I had to have a filter put in to catch the clot should it break loose when they tried to remove the filter it had already attached to scar tissue so it had to remain in place and I have to stay on coumarin rest of my life. It's a big decision and I wish you the best.


I was on Coumadin for 4 months following my stoma surgery because I had developed 2 blood clots in my lungs. I didn't have any problems with it beyond my levels never being on an even keel. I had to have my INR tested twice a week for the entire time, but it didn't seem to be that big a deal. I never had any side effects or had any bleeding issues.