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Warming up the pen

Hi Guys! I am starting Humira this week (I will get the package tomorrow) and I asked the Humira rep about letting it warm up to room temperature and they said this wasn't advised because it would affect the stability of the drug. Has anyone else heard that? I know a lot of folks let it reach room temperature and I'm wondering if nurses have told you to do that and maybe the Humira rep was being extra cautious.

I was told by the Humira Rep and the nurse that was with me for my first injection to let it get at room temp for 15-20 minutes but not longer. If more than 20 minutes it is not good anymore.
I didn't want it warm, but had read that others leave it out to reach room temperature. The Humira rep from MyHumira did not recommend waiting at all, just injecting straight out of the fridge. She explained to me that it would effect the stability of the medication if allowed to warm up at all (even 20 minutes). That was the first I'd heard of that recommendation so I wanted to know what others had been told. Thanks!
Well, people who work with the stuff all the time usually know a lot about it, but I think maybe they are just very careful.

I don't think a little time out of the fridge affects it much. My doctor's office had me bring it in to an appointment when they showed me how to use it, and it took more than 15 minutes. They said it was fine. I would be careful though.

Probably people get careless if they think it doesn't matter, and they wouldn't want that.
Oops! I have to take that back - I went looking for the instructions I had, and it does not say that in the literature that comes from Abbott, it was on another printed sheet I got from the nurse when she gave me the instructions.
I've been told by my doctor that it's fine. I personally never wait more than 15 before an injection, cause it warms up pretty quick, but honestly that stuff isn't in the fridge every second since it was produced. What about when your pharmacy labels it, and packages it with your information and everything. And when it's sitting on your doorstep with half-melted ice packs till you get home from work. Or when I have to bring it from my house to my dorm, it's a 20 minute drive. I guess what I'm saying is that the more time it is cold the better, but if I can take it out of the fridge for a car-ride, I definitely can take it out of the fridge for a few minutes before injecting!

(and scold me all you want for not being vigilant with ice packs everywhere, but my Humira injections have proven to be effective!)
I would guess the rep you were talking to was erring on the side of caution. I can't even imagine injecting straight from the fridge. Ouchie! Although when I used the pen (before I started using the syringes) I could never get it to warm up much anyway.