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Water retention?

Hi guys, I posted here a few years ago, then kind of dropped off, but I'm in a place where I could really use some support from people who get it.

I'm 34 now, have had UC for 15 years, and am in a flare. The thing is, I'm wondering if flares can cause water retention. I gained weight last year because of a massive move and grief from a big loss, and I accept that, but have spent this year trying to improve eating and exercise habits and have lost two inches off my waist since January.

Over the last two weeks since I've been in a flare, I have tried fasting most days until between two and four in the afternoon to give my system a break, so I'm consuming less than I normally would. My apple watch says I get 400 "active" (red circle) calories a day, which the app says equals about 2200 calories burned every day (total).

Except I finally had to take my wedding ring off because it was uncomfortably tight, and that fit all last year even when I was the biggest I've ever been (33" waist, and none of my old clothes fit).

Meds: Oral mesalamine, 1.2 gram tablet. I take 4 every morning. Also omeprazole for heartburn and birth control, which I've been on for 13 years (same brand).

Do you guys experience water weight gain when you're flaring, unrelated to medication? I've been taking the meds for years and never noticed weight gain from it.

Thanks in advance for any replies--I'm honestly feeling really alone here, and gigantic on top of it. I really like my wedding ring, and not wearing it is a constant reminder that something is wrong. I just feel really helpless and lost.

Lynda Lynda

Welcome back. 🌼

I am sorry to hear that you are struggling. 🙁

I would mention the water retention to your doctor.

I wear compression socks that cover my calves and feet to improve my circulation
( as recommended by my doctor.)

Join the groups and you will find great folks here.

I hope you stay. 🙂