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WBC count low?

Our GP called today and mentioned that my Daughter's WBC count was low. I didn't talk to her so I'm not sure how low. She has been on Remicade and Imuran together for about 2-3 months now. The Imuran is at 125mgs, which I have felt is quite high.
We have a GI appt. coming up in September, and am hoping that the GI is going to lower the dose of Imuran.
Could the combination of the 2 along with the higher dose of Imuran be responsibe for the lower WBC count?
Is this a big concern?



My daughter takes aza, we had low white cells once. GI action was to repeat the test.

Speak to your gp as soon as you can

Are you suggesting that the test could be flawed? Also, looking at your signiture, just wondering how you treated your Daughters anemia?
My Daughter also has low iron. Last test was at 10. Any iron supplement she's tried so far has resulted in intense constipation.
Our Dr. and GI are both against iron infusions.



The first test was slightly low than they like. The second test bounced up a bit and they were happy.

I not saying that there is a problem with the test but the counts move around a bit. A second test will tell whether you need to be concerned.

My understanding is that aim of aza is to lower the white cell count without lowing it too much.

We treated anemia caused by low iron for a number of years prior to dx with Crohn's.

At dx Sarah's hemoglobin level was 93 it now at the lower end of normal for a female at 115. As the disease was controlled by medication her levels improved.

She takes a daily iron tablet.

Which medication is the new one for your daughter?
This happened with my son. The WBC was low but his GI said the the neutrophil count was actually more important. It can be serious as it can cause neutropenia. And you daughter doesn't have much of an immune system at the moment.

Usually lowering the dose is enough to correct things, it was for us. Did they ask you to lower the dose over the phone or are you suppose to wait until September? We were always asked to immediately lower the dose. Just for reference my son's WBC was 3.7 and his neutrophil count was 1.9. This was when they were quite concerned.

Just FYI my son's count continued to go down for a few months after the med change. It takes a while for things to correct themselves. Meanwhile, if you find yourself in an ER or Dr.'s office mention the low WBC and they will usually give your daughter a mask and stick you in a private room.

The good news is our GI told us that a low WBC is actually consistent with longer remission. So hopefully once this gets sorted out things will go smoothly for your daughter.
Thanks for the replies,

Her WBC count was 3.4, which our GP isn't too concerned with. Not sure what the nutrophil is? She's more concerned with her iron level right now.
Her WBC count may come down once her Imuran dose is lowered. Not sure what we're going to do about the iron. Our GP even suggested a naturalist or homeopathic doctor.
She said there's some new iron supplements from natural sources available at health food stores, so we might check that out.


There are liquid iron supplements available which purpose to be easier on stomach.

Iron works better if taken with something rich vitamin c. Eg meat with orange juice.

Have found one sort of natural supplement called Ironsmart. Going to give that one a try. Thre was also Bifera, and Ferretts IPS liquid.