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Weakness, nausea and dizzy spells at work

So I am coming up to my 1 year Crohniversary and things have started going to go a bit funny. I was at work (I'm a shampooer/sweeper/tea-maker/cleaner at a hairdressers) and I was shampooing a client, I went dizzy, lightheaded, weak, breathless, nauseous I was wretching and it comes over me in waves, I had to go home. Wondered if anyone had a clue.
Additional Info: I was only at work 20 minutes when this happened so I wasn't overtired or anything.

This has happened before once or twice in recent months but not regularly.
Hi! I am not able to offer what it but I sometimes feel the same thing.. Almost like you have stomach bug or a touch of food poisioning.. all you want to do is lay down for a bit. So I feel you pain but sorry i cant tell you why or what it is.


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This has happened to me also.
It would be a good idea to get it checked by your doctors.
There is a possibility of drug reactions as well as other obscure events
that we are not qualified to analyse.
Doctors see patients all the time and may recognise your symptoms.
Don't continue to put up with it, get it seen to soon
Hugs and best wishes
Was due to see my Gastro on Monday but the NHS cancelled it :( I'm scared of them wanting me in hospital that's why I put off going to the doctors lol
This happens to me all the time lately (not to the point of retching though) - eating something or getting a glass of water helps alleviate things a bit. And (this is tough to do if you're shampooing someone) sitting and putting my head down on the desk/table for a minute seems to help.

It sucks though, I'm sorry you have to deal with this :(

Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca
that happens to me sometimes but most of the time I haven't had anything to eat. I know it's hard to eat sometimes but we do have to eat or drink Insure or something. I find that if I just drink a Insure it doesn't happen as much. I hope this helps.
Hey, really weird you posting this now and hearing everyone else say they get it, iv felt pretty nauseous the past two days, but I had late nights and drank a little bit of gin both nights, hoping its just that and not the Aza, iv been on 100mg fr a week tomorrow so hoping its not that, weird thing is the nausea isn't really after iv taken it, I take it at nights and have felt a little sick since early mid day... Anyway, hope you feel better soon
I just dont understand why it comes out of nowhere especially if you are not eating a lot of food to trigger it...Some nights it is so bad I have a bucket on stand by, But I do go to the GI tomorrow so maybe there can be some insight to itg
Just wanted to say that it's not having enough food that triggers it for me - having a banana and a slice of bread just to keep the old blood sugar up might help. Nobody can survive without calories! Not saying this is related to what happens for you, but it helps with me. :)
AT this point I am willing to try any thing.. I am so tired of taking pills to help me from feeling like I am going to puke after anything I eat.. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever feel normal