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Weaning off Prednisone

Wondering if anyone has experience with this. . . . planning to call the doc in the morning.

My 15 yr old was put on Pred back when she was 1st dx in August. Been on 80mg, and now finally decreasing by 10mg/week. She's had 2 Remicades so far, next is due Nov 15th. She's down to 30mg/day but is still very full of water/very puffy. Today she was showing me that her left foot is also swollen, and it wasn't before. She has gained 40lbs since the beginning of August.

I thought that swelling with just one extremity wasn't the best of signs. She isn't having any "new" symptoms like shortness of breath, just upset to see more swelling. She's very upset that the puffiness doesn't seem to be decreasing, even though her dose is in half.

Any comments on the leg swelling? Also, how long did it take your kids to get back a "normal" appearance after being on the prednisone. She is feeling like she will never look like herself again!
My similar symptoms actually appeared as I was decreasing the prednisone. It really started shifting after I finished the tablets completely and, after my (late) period came and went, the symptoms were pretty much gone altogether. It's frustrating, I know. I think having her period might help get her hormones back into her regular balance but don't be alarmed if it's as much as 2-3 weeks late. Best wishes!


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Sorry Nancy, I'm no help with the odd swelling but my son's appearance was back to normal within a few weeks.

Let us know what the doc says. Good luck!!


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My son didn't have side effects with Pred. But I want to wish you luck with the call. Keep us posted hun. :hug:

Dusty. xxx
thanks for the replies and good wishes! Called her GI this morning, and they aren't quite sure what to make of it :) They said for her to elevate that foot, see if it gets worse or better or if she develops any other symptoms and to call back in the morning with a report.

On the bright side, she is quite happy to lay back, put her foot up and watch netflix!
Sorry to hear your daughter is having trouble. My son swelled and the longer he was on it the more he swelled. He had such pain in his shins and nothing much helped until he was completely weaned. It took about 6 -8 weeks after he was done before he was looking like a regular kid. He told me before school started that "everyone was going to think he had a eating disorder because he went from skin and bones to swollen to normal in one year." lol Rest and elevation was what my doc recommended as well, but good luck keeping a kid on pred down to elevate and rest!