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Week 7 1/2 Of Treatment: Questions About Cimzia

My doctor has started me on Cimzia and I've been doing the injections going on 8 weeks, due for my next in 2 days. I would say after week 5 I felt something but I'm not 100% closer to 85-90% which is a good start. I know this is highly individual, but how long on average does it take to have a steady relief of symptoms? My doctor says give it at least 3 months and if it doesn't work out, I can try Remicade (but I'm not sure how I'd react as I'm allergic to mouse dander and Humira had latex in the syringe which I am also allergic to.) I know I need to be monitored regularly with blood tests and my last labs showed a low white count, though I'm not sure how low yet, waiting on results in the mail because online portal has been down but anyway, is this an effect of the Cimzia? And how low is too low? My doctor wants to see me in 3 months but I need to repeat labs in 4 weeks. Also, I have been horribly constipated for the most part although d has for the most part stopped completely. I have small bowel Crohn's and have had several flares in the last two years that were inadequately treated and nobody has bothered to do any more imaging. Could I still have strictures even when the inflammation is under control again?

Thanks in advance.