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Weekly Humira

Anyone on weekly Humira injections? What was your experience like? My doctor wants to increase my dosage to once a week due to several tests showing increased active inflammation. I also had a blood test that showed low amounts of Humira. My insurance has denied the increase twice. My doctor has referred me to another doctor to try to get a second opinion.
I'm on weekly humira for UC. After taking humira every 2 weeks and still having symptoms (mainly diarrhea and urgency) my GI switched me to weekly. He did run a few test to check my fecal calprotectin and humira levels. My humira levels were well above therapeutic (@24) but my fecal calprotectin was at 595.

I think it took my insurance company 1 day to approve the switch. They didn't question my GIs recommendation at all. I'm doing much better after switching to weekly and also adding 50mg/day of azathioprine.

I hope you get approved to weekly soon. Some insurance companies are know to give people a hard time but your GI can appeal your case especially if he has lab results showing you need it.

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Ds was on humira for over 5 years (Age 9-13 )
He took it every 2 weeks
Every 10 days
Every 7 days and then every 5 days
Each increase in frequency lasted over a year or more for him
Definitely worked well

good luck
Have had no luck with insurance. My doctor sent me to another doctor to try to get something kind of treatment approved by my insurance. I think he is going to add imuran to my bi-weekly Humira shots and then do some more testing later to see how I am responding to the combo treatment.
I've been on weekly for about 10 years. The doctor increased the dosage back then because I still had some pain and symptoms. It has been working much better and my bloodwork looks great still. You're right that most insurance companies won't cover the extra dose. I found success by having my GI write a special letter for me. They have to send the letter in every single year to get the coverage re-approved.
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I was finally approved for weekly Humira. So currently on the weekly Humira and 6mp. The imuran made me incredibly sick when I started it. So they switched to the 6mp. While waiting on insurance approval I was on Entocort. Just weaned off. Hoping I won’t have to take the 6mp much longer.