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Weight gain in pregnancy

Hello everyone,

Been thinking about the weight I should be gaining during pregnancy and looking for anyone's stories.
I am 15 weeks pregnant and have been reading from various places that I should have gained some weight one I read up to 5lbs. I haven't gained anything and lost 4lbs from the morning sickness, which has thankfully stopped but still can't tolerate any fish or fruit smoothies without vomiting. The bottom of my stomach is starting to look a funny shape so things are definatley growing just concerned if I don't start gaining (I'm sure I will eventually but just worried).

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When is your next doctor's appointment? I would make sure and bring this up with your doctor and would think they might have some ideas. Congrats! :)
I'm in the same boat. I'm 14 weeks in and have lost three pounds rather than gain but I have noticed growing and have felt round ligament pains so there's that.
Thanks for the replies. I have got a midwife appointment next Thursday and then seeing my GI next Friday so hopefully they will be able to put my mind at ease. I was speaking to my mum yesterday and she said even at 20 weeks she could still fit into her normal jeans (she has always been very small) and kept on getting asked if she's sure she was pregnant, so maybe it may just take a while to start up.
Crohn's08 how is your appetite? I'm still finding mine isn't great at times but could eat spaghetti bolognase for every meal.
My appetite is diminished. I am having issues tolerating fiber or greasy foods so right now it's pretty bland for me. I've been eating mildly seasoned grilled chicken, baby kosher dill pickles, deseeded tomatoes, and sometimes bacon (after it's been really patted down to remove grease). I also try to drink juice when I can, trying to squeeze in calories wherever I can get them.