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Weight gain on a Paleo diet

Hey guys,

I've just got out of my 3rd resection and have decided enough is enough. I'm going to a Paleo diet and keeping my fingers crossed that it helps me. The only problem is that I now weigh 120lbs at 5'9, 31 years old. I'm dangerously underweight. Everything I read on Paleo is that it helps people lose weight! Any suggestions on packing on a few pounds on a Paleo diet? I think I'm allergic to certain nuts because the last 2 times I've had pistachios, I've felt ill about an hour later. Any suggestions?

I've done well with putting on weight since eating a paleo diet. I was about your weight when I was 31, and I'm 6'. Back then used to joke that I needed to be careful as a light breeze could tumble me down the street. Since eating paleo, plus taking a few supplements such as enough vitamin D3 to reach a testing level between 60 to 70ng/ml, fish oil, kelp, magnesium, and vitamin K2 (I'm officially a pill popper now!), my weight is up to 185lbs. Most of my weight was put on from lifting weights. The diet gave me enough energy to handle workouts

A suggestion that might be helpful is creating a food journal. Keeping track of foods that cause you problems might provide hints in what else to avoid. Nuts and seeds can be problematic for me also. I don't eat them often, and when I do limit the amount.

Good luck with the diet!

Oh, thought to add, a sight I enjoy checking out is Dr. Eenfeldt umbrella listing of some of the more popular paleo and low carb writers. Lots of good information can be learned there I've found.

Thanks Hugh!

Do either of you have any thoughts on fruits and fruit juices (without anything added)? I love fruit and it's the only thing keeping me to a diet like this. But I noticed it wasn't on your list and the 2nd article says it can feed candida.

mate, i'm not a doctor, nutritionist or dietician.
My opinion is only my opinion.
That list is VERY restricted, but i'd try to keep to it for a month, then add things in.
try making vegetable juice instead of fruit juice (fruit juice is the sugar without the fibre).
i ate fruit but not as much as before.
bananas are good....

there are lots of variations on paleo and you'll have to find your own comfort zone. At the moment i'm suffering but i have been fairly slack (feeling good, thinking i can try all sorts of foods, ooops). some drink coffee but it is bad for me (i love it so)

Before i found out about paleo, i spent a month just eating lamb, rice, avocado and lemon.
It did wonders for me, but might be wrong for you

as she said, low fodmaps fruit after a month (her list, and i avoid all citrus except lemon/lime.)
Blueberries – buy organic
Boysenberry – buy organic
Star fruit
Cranberry – buy organic
Grapes – buy organic
Honeydew melon
Passion fruit
Paw paw
Raspberry – buy organic
Strawberry – buy organic