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Weight gaining food for Crohn´s?

I have lost more than 10 kg since I got Crohn´s and need to know which food I have to eat in order to gain weight. I want to stay clear from red meat. I have noticed that chicken fat is laxative in my gut system, so I can´t eat much of that either.

Are there anybody here who can give me some advices regarding this problem?
Smooth peanut butter - avocado - bananas are all really good foods to enjoy. Ensure plus Calories offers a high protein shake with 320 calories per 8 oz. You could always add that to your day as well. Any nut butter is good protein and nutitrious and are usually high in calories.
Coconut milk blended with banana, berries and a blob of almond butter. The full fat stuff from a can not the diluted version they sell as fake milk. Add a little water if needed for consistency.
two recipes that worked for me breakfast

1 porridge served sprinkled with Demerara sugar single cream.

2 Greek full fat yogurt acacia honey coconut water 2 egg yolks & strawberries blitz in a smoothie
Ensure compact: small 125 ml drink if you’re struggling to eat, I found they helped, small easy to drink 300kcal.