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Weight issues despite eating well

Hi All,

Sorry I haven't been around for a while and kinda feel bad popping in to ask advice when I haven't been there for others lately, so I hope you guys don't mind.

Background info;
Currently on no meds and doing the natural thing... last colonoscopy in April came back clear, have minor eposides every month or two but overall feeling great. On a healthy diet and my eating pattern is good 3 normal meals a day with shake in the morning and then smaller snack meal in between main meals.

Ok well Im having issues with my weight had finally gotten back to the weight I was before getting sick last year but have noticed lately its dropping off me, starting to look like a skeleton again!! I can't understand why this is happening when I still have my appetite and eating well?

Im wondering if even tho Im feeling pretty good and not having major issues that maybe Im actually not in remission and the weight lose could be a sign of this?? I also had slight tenderness in my tummy when my GI last examined it, but thought nothing of it as again Im feeling good.

Does anyone else have these issues and can you be flaring and having issues inside even if you are feeling great overall? My GI said if I don't stay in remission on no meds will have to look into going on Remi or Humira as I didn't fair well on Imuran or 6mp, so really hoping the weight issue is nothing to do with a flare!!

Thanks in advance :)
Honestly, I'm not quite sure!! I have felt pretty good sometimes but still had diarrhea and stuff like that and lost weight. Are you eating really healthy foods when you do eat? If you are I'm sure that could be contributing to the weight loss. Other than that, I'm sorry but I just don't know!!
You haven't changed your diet at all in the last few months? What about activity levels (not neccessarily exercise, maybe you are doing more around the house than you used to, or started a new job?).

I'm afraid if your diet and activity is the same then you may be starting a flare :(

I think you can have issues inside and still feel OK as I was worried my colonoscopy wouldn't show anything, as I was feeling so much better than before, but I did have ulcers in there.

Could you try a really bland soft food / liquid diet for a while to rest your bowels and hopefully allow any minor inflammation to heal?

Hope you figure something out!
No I have been on the same diet since getting sick last Sept.. pretty much very healthy diet, nothing fatty, greasy, spicy or deep fried as I seem to react badly to them plus I get reflux on top of Crohns so that doesn't help.
Not doing anymore exercise then normal, just Yoga, my whole lifestyle is the same as it was 3 months ago. Grrrrrr its so frustrating, but I have to admit Im starting to wonder if something is up inside me. Oh well only time will tell whats truely going on hopefully it all just settles back down, if not will have to contact my GI and see what he thinks.
Thanks for your replies.


Hiya Tanya
great to see you back!

I don't know about this, cos I'm still a Heffa Lump!
Talk to your gastro, see wot he says
hope you're ok?

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I saw your post last night Tan but, I am like Joan, trying to lose...not gain. Sorry I can't help, but you have been missed here! ;)
Hi Tanya, I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting yet. I'm with Pen and Joan in the fact I need to lose weight. I discovered the nutrients and calories in the Ensure beverages and no excercise had me maintaining and even gaining weight. It's important to find out why you are losing weight and not just cover it up, but if you need to gain some you might try the Ensure drinks.
Thanks ladies.. seems I have the reverse to everyone else!! Hmmmmmmm maybe Im just backwards.. he..he..
Thanks Pen have missed everyone too, just been busy with life in general and I already spend half my life on computers at work so have been trying to reduce the amount I spend at home. Also Jamie (my hubby) pointed out that with all the time I spent on here I actually focused heaps on the disease rather then living etc. So thats what I have been doing!!
I drink a shake mix which is meant to increase weight it did help when I was drinking heaps of it but I cut back around Feb and now only have one in the mornings so might have to look into increasing it again. Last night I had a banana smoothie before bed so that could help put on weight as well. If I haven't gotten anywhere in a few weeks will drop a line to my GI and let him know whats going on. I want it all sorted for October as Im heading over to Fiji with Jamie for a romantic holiday!!
The hardest thing I have going against me is my CRP results always come back normal even when I had bad inflammation last year so he can't go off that to figure out if I have inflammation and with my last colonoscopy coming back all clear it makes it very confusing!!
Thanks again its so nice to have a place to come too when questions need answers :)

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Also Jamie (my hubby) pointed out that with all the time I spent on here I actually focused heaps on the disease rather then living etc. So thats what I have been doing!!
Yeah my hubby and daughter says the same thing but now my hubby understands this forum is like family to me, since my own family is so broken. But I do make time for myself, now that it is summer we are golfing more!!!! Love it! Just nice to see you back here!