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Weight loss and depression

I feel like most of my problem is weight loss.

My symptoms are so mild compared to almost all patients with IBD. I never had pain, never had nausea or vomiting, never had bleeding. As a result, my GI began to suspect if I even had some inflammatory problem, although colonoscopy showed mild/moderate inflammation and despite my blood tests. From 2010 until the beginning of 2013 we try 5-ASA and failed.

In 2013 I still weighed 70kg (only 3kg below my normal).

So my GI decided to stop all medications and left me only with loperamide, because he began to believe that I had a functional problem and not inflammatory.

Even without drugs I can lead a near normal life but losing weight. I lost more than 10kg. But despite this, my symptoms are still the same. What bothers me is not being able to sleep well (I sleep late because I spend the night worried and wake up early in the morning to BM)

So I started going to the gym and even got to 62-63kg, but came a new colonoscopy and I lost a kilo and a half. I have 1.76cm and I feel really thin. All my friends are strong or chubby and I keep getting slimmer.

My GI decided to put me in Entocort and if it fails, will use prednisone. Then try azathioprine. Now he belives I have IBD. I hope this time I can go into remission and then may gain weight. I feel really depressed right now.

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It's difficult to keep weight up for sure. Do any nutritional drinks help with gaining? Don't be down on yourself, it's not your fault. You will find the right treatment and diet and this is only temporary.