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Weightlifting and prednisone

I have UC, and I started flaring 2 weeks ago. I'm currently on 40mg of pred. Prior to this, I weight lifted regularly and was in peak shape. I'm already losing weight because of this flare, partly because of not eating enough, and partly because of the diarrhea with blood. My flare is about 6/10 right now.

I am really attached to my physique and seeing myself waste away is taking a heavy mental toll. You can already see slimming in my face. It is giving me major anxiety and panic. Pred only makes these feelings worse. I take DHEA and pregnenolone to try and offset some pred side effects, like bone wasting and muscle wasting, but it's not helping all that much.

I've figured out my diet... I'm eating a lot of pureed veggie and meat soups, with egg, avocado and collagen added, or chicken. Today I started adding coconut oil, but I may not be able to digest it. I think I could support my caloric needs. But I'm just wondering if working out is high risk right now, or even pointless? I doubt I'll gain, but I'd like to maintain at least.

My pattern in life in general is that if I stop working out, I lose weight. Flare or no flare. With a flare, the lack of exercise just accelerates weight loss.

The main thing I can't find out online or from my doctor is:
- what % weight of my usual should I operate at?
- how often should I workout? (previously I did 3-4x weekly, but wouldn't do that now)
- any exercises I should avoid?
- what are signs that I am going too often or lifting too much, during my flare?

My MD said going to the gym is OK if I take it easy, but didn't have more advice to give.

Thank you SO much.
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