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Weird bowel movement symptoms...Flare?

Hey guys. I had a rocky first week of January so my doc put me on Xifaxan for 20 days. I finished the course this past Wednesday. I felt good throughout while I was on it.
Last night I went out and ate more than usual, but no bad foods. Just lean meat and hard cheeses (like I always do). I went to bed at around 4am and woke up an hour later with nausea and stomach pain. I passed a small constipated piece of stool and felt somewhat better. Went back to bed.
I woke up 3 hours later (8am) with the same issue. Nausea which has gone away now, but by lower abdomen is crampy and I have had 4 more BM's, but no diarrhea. One of the BM's was sort of soft but the rest of them were smaller and a constipated type.
I don't know what this is....


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Is it possible that the Xifaxan (never heard of it) made you constipated while on it and you're just now getting the stool out that it was helping to keep in?

Edit: After doing a little google research, I've seen some people mention that it did make them constipated even though it isn't listed in the side effects.
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