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Weird pain

Hello, I had my gallbladder removed a while ago but whenever my stomach is acting up and I have a flare, I get this sharp pain where my gallbladder used to be and it radiates from the right side under ribs to my right back blade. Does anyone get this weird discomfort?? What is it from?? Thank you!!


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Sunshine, I haven't had my gallbladder removed so I'm not sure what would be causing your pain. You may want to go in for an ultrasound though - when I first developed gastritis, the pain was pretty awful and for some reason my stools turned very pale, which I was told could be a gallbladder issue, so they did an ultrasound to check all my organs in the area of my pain. They checked my gallbladder, liver, and I think my pancreas and whatever else is in the general area of the stomach. It sounds like it wouldn't hurt for you to have everything in that area checked, because I am really not sure what would be causing that kind of pain! Good luck, I hope you get it figured out!
Thanks Cat, I actually had a CT done Nd an ultrasound for tje abdomen and it looked over the area where I had gotten it removed and everything looks fine they said. I'm thinking that since it happens when my stomach/intestines hurt, I think that when that stuff is irritated and possibly inflames, it irritates the area where my gallbladder was and causes that to hurt too. Idk that's what I'm thinking lol. Since nothing is wrong with the surgical part of the removal. Which is wonderful. But it prob just gets irritated like everything else, that's what I'm thinking.