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Weird pain

Hello I'm on remicade and have been ever since September of 2015 and was doing fine but now I'm having issues where I think aren't normal to where I can't stand or sit in certain positions for long because of this kinda burning sensation in my lower area of my stomach. I want to know if that's normal or not or if I'm flaring because I've also had pain for a week now that comes and goes. Then I get slightly bloated? Help me :(
No since he still wanted me to do blood work and another MRE to see if I'm ok or not but this pain has been happening for a bit now and I don't like my doctor anyways because of how he always says surgery is the way and won't listen to anything else I say
Update: I had an MRE a week ago and my doc immediately called and said they found a 4 cm stricture and need to call the surgeon ASAP so we went to the surgeon but he was in no rush but I'm having surgery at the end of this month because I've been having bad acid reflux lately which its making it difficult to breathe and also this crampy pain from the stricture which literally makes me not being able to sit or stand for long. So surgery it will be!