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Weird stuff on the loo paper....

Apologies for tmi but I've been having a lot more diarrhoea lately, not lose, watery stools but fairly soft, especially for me. Today when I wiped the paper came away with a big blob of what looked like jelly, it's happened before but never just as much and I'm really not quite sure what's going on? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and sorry again for the grossness.


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Sounds like mucus. Was it clear, same color as your stool, yellow, reddish?

I always check too for both mucus and blood so not gross at all. ;) Everyone should look in my opinion, especially at the first wipe.
Hi Lynda,

It sounds like old fashioned mucus. If your bowel is inflamed or irritated it is a natural response for your bowel to produce extra mucus, celiac and bad ibs sufferers apparently can have the same response too not just IBD'ers. Having said that I think you might want to give your doctor a call for further advice just to be on the safe side.
Thanks everyone for the reply.

It was clear like jelly is and reddish in colour? I have been having more pain in the small bowel area and more waking at night for a bm or two. To excuse the pun....it really is a pain in the bum lol. I have an appointment next Mon so shall be asking stuff then.