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Weird things are happening!

Evey so often I will be doing what ever and I get this weird sensation through my head. I feel like I get a blot of electricity through my brain and although it does not hurt it knid of makes me belck out for a split second. All I see is black, I do not fall over or anything but that was kind of weird. I have been getting the for a while and never knew what they were. Does anyone else get them. I never got them until I got CD so I do not know what it is. I got a minor elecricution when I was a kid, about nine. I have also had two concussions and maybe with time it has given me this problem. If anyone has any experrience with this please give advice.

Interesting, but I cant say I have this happen. I do have lots of weird things happen, and cant explain any of them.

Hopefully someone has something better to add


hm sounds really weird, should maybe see your doc and find out whats going on, hope it goes away for you
Thanks yeah I am going to see my doc in a week in a half I just got it a minute ago again.

It just is such a wierd feeling.


I would first and foremost see your doc. Any kind of blacking out, for whatever reason is not good.

On a lighter side...however...I have read that people who get electricuted have episodes once in awhile when they are older. Some even are hyper-sensitive to outlets and the like. Hopefully that is all is for you, but you should get checked, just in case!!!!!!



I was having episodes like these when I was 19/20.. my doc couldn't explain them, so put it down to a kind of breakdown as i was working about 60 hours a week lol... whether it was that or something to do with the crohns I really don't know!

I hope your doc can give you some answers, and that you get it sorted soon! Keep us posted!

Elaine xx


hope you figure out what it is, sounds a bit scary. let us know what you find out?


Unfortunately I do not know what that is like or what it is, but I also recommend telling it the doctor.


I hope you get this thing sorted out soon mate. Some of the guys at working have been collapsing and it was due to a virus!


I hope you get this sorted. I've heard about something similar before and the person turned out to be epileptic. They didn't beleive it as they hadn't had any fits, but 3 years on they are still on epilepsy meds and doing fine. Might be worth metnioning? Sorry I dont mean to scare you xxx

Tami Lynn

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Hey Jeff!

I'm glad to hear that you'll be getting this problem checked out soon. It doesn't sound like it is related to Crohns... But, please keep us updated and let us know how the appointment goes with your doctor. Hopefully, there is a simple explanation for what's been happening.

I think I have figured out the problem. I used to get them a lot when I was depressed and I could not sleep and I was of no good use. But now I am perfectly fine and I do not get them. As long as I sleep I am fine but once I stop I become depressed.

Thanks for helping guys


Umm...Jeff, people need to sleep every once in awhile!! You should really take the time to sleep at least 6 hours each day...not in naps, but in straight hours! Or are you saying that when you wake you get them? If that is the case, you should still make an appointment with your doc! Be careful!!

After a sleepless night I will get these rushes. It almost feels as if an electrical current goes from my toes to my brain. I told my doctor about them and he did not think I should worry to much. He asked me if since summer started if I got them and I said no. He said it has to be the sleep and the celexa he put me on to help me sleep, it did not help much because I had to much energy.


Hmmm... does the doctor also know about the thoughts you mentioned in the other posts about not sleeping? (Thinking someone was outside your window and stuff...) Instead of regular old insomina, something else might be going on best treated with another med. I'm no doc, but its just a thought.
Yeah I have not told him. It is just a weird thing to bring up with my parents being there though.

Thanks for all of the help



Hi Jeff, I used to get what I called Head-zingers but that was because I was weaning of a anti-depressant.. I'd talk to the doc about it but maybe it was some med you were taking?


I am sure you dont want to think and feel that way so you should tell the doc. Would it be awkward for your parent to step out of the room? It could be a medical condition.
I have told the doc already and he agreed that it is probably my lack of sleep. I have kind of bad anxiety and sometimes it can trigger me not sleeping for more than an hour in a day. The problem is that I cannt deal with anxiety medications so I have to stick with excercise as my medicine.

Thanks guys