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Weird thought and exciting news, well I think it is

Hey guys, so i be been having this thought and dreams even before my resection that I was "supposed to" come out of surgery with an ileostomy because of how bad off I was. Well I didn't come out with one and now every night since the surgery on 11\6\13 Ive been having dreams that I have one and my life is so much better and I'm doing all these awesome things that I still can't do because I'm still flaring and I wake up and I feel my right side and there's nothing there and sometimes I get sad because its not there. Now I know this is weird or something but idk if these dreams are me really wanting one or if its a precursor to what's going to come so I'm better prepared.? Idk just thought I'd throw it out there to see if anyone else has had this or if I'm just losing my marbles.

Also! I have good news! Well I think it is. Feel free to laugh, but I went to the bathroom this afternoon 1\8\14 for the fist time in a week and a day 12\31\13. Literally 8 days with not going to the bathroom. And a lot of LRQ or RLQ (however you say it) pain and nothing was moving and I felt it backing up, so I figured I had a partial blockage since gas came through just nothing else. So I'm very happy that it has past I still have pain but who wouldn't 2 months post op open surgery for bowel resection.? I just find it funny that I got a blockage so soon. I mean I flared 6 wks after surgery and I was borderline anemic from all the blood I lost and pain. Anywho thought I'd share this awesome news!. Hopefully this blockage thing doesn't mean I'm getting adhesions? but that its just my super active CD that's going crazy with inflammation. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts and questions. Feel free to drop your opinion and or answers. I would love to hear them :ybatty: :yrolleyes: :poo: :ylol:


Hi, nini_mini!

I definitely understand how you're feeling. There are a lot of stories of people who have been very unwell, then felt incredible with a stoma. Hopefully you'll get to feeling better soon without it. If not, fortunately you still have that option in the future, if things get worse.

Your constipation may not have been a blockage. Are you on any pain medications? They commonly cause constipation. Alternatively, it could be your diet or other factors. I wouldn't worry too much about it just yet, but if it happens again, please see your GI about it!

:hug: I hope things get better for you soon!
Hey Sarah! Thanks for the input. While it is true I have the option of getting one and I'm almost made up my mind that if I need surgery again down the road that I'm going to ask for one just because my right side hates me and that might knock it back for awhile. I hope I start to feel better too! And about the bathroom thing I'm hoping it wasn't but I could feel what felt like a giant ball stuck in my right side and it was hard to walk or do anything because it just hurt. I finally felt it kinda go away around sundayish so yay! Um about the pain pills I take tramadol and that's never given me constipation just makes me able to tolerate the pain for awhile and to sleep! :ybatty: :voodoo:


I knew I wanted an ileostomy and, now I have one, I love it! I'm not sure of the meaning behind your dreams. I'd had a surgery previously where an ostomy had been mentioned as a possible outcome. When I came round from the surgery, I wasn't really with it at all due to the way the anaesthesia and other meds affect your mind. I touched my side and I was sure I had a stoma bag. It turned out it was actually just the side of my stomach I was touching, but because it was so numb from anaesthetic, I couldn't feel myself touching it. My messed up mind assumed it was a bag as it was skin-coloured and had no feeling. :ybatty: When I actually did get a stoma, I knew for certain that was going to be the outcome when going into the surgery, so no surprises.

I'm not sure you've had a blockage - a blockage and constipation are not the same thing. Two months after the surgery you shouldn't be getting all that much pain. If you get similar symptoms again, it may be worth trying to treat the constipation (with stool softeners or laxatives) if the pain is fairly mild. If the pain is severe or you have other symptoms of a blockage, such as vomiting, it may be worth going to the emergency room so they can assess you whilst the symptoms are occurring. That way you'll know that either you do have a blockage/partial blockage, and the doctors will help treat it, or you'll have it confirmed that you don't have a blockage and you can look further into treatment options for constipation.


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I had a resection as well this past November,on the 25th.It was five days before I had a bowel movement.The nurse and I high-fived each other and let out a "woo hoo!'.It was no bm to brag about but it showed things were moving along again! The simple pleasures of life.
@unxmas, so you literally thought you had one the first time? That's nuts. I guess after mine I stayed under for a very long time. I went in around 130 and I think I woke up around 7 that night maybe? And I woke up and groggily said hi to my rents and best friend and then I freaked out from pain and was screaming and crying and ended up getting dilaudid and I lost like 4 days in a drug induced wonderland of happiness. I do remember asking one of my nurses if I had an ileostomy and she giggled n said no nicely and I think I almost cried from the drugs and I really thought I'd get one. Lol yeah fun stuff. Regarding the no bathroom thing before my surgery I'd go every two or three days because either my side was so swollen or from the fistula, (Ive had many blockages) lol. This one felt like the one I had when I got my 2nd colonoscopy. I Couldn't move from the "ball" in my side because it hurt like hell, everything backed up and I was throwing up and fevers. I think I ate the last three days of it but nothing or very little for 5 days. With that said I know what it feels like when I get one And I believe that it was a partial. My dad was ready to take me to the er on the 6th night because I was in a lot of pain and I wasn't eating and I stupidly said no I waanna wait it out. Lol while its true I had const. Before surgery I haven't had any after except when I flare which thankfully only lasted a week and a half. Sadly though I'm in pain 90% of my days. And I still poop blood and we (my GI and I ) can't figure out why since its not bright red its more darker and sometimes black. Maybe I just like to bleed haha oh well. I feel like I'm going off track. Oh! I used both stool softeners and laxatives to see if it would go and it didn't and I did this for like 4 days and I gave up. It usually works when its const. Anywho I'm just gonna stand by what I said before surgery. Which is " my body hates me and is in full revolt and not even surgery will stop it" lol pretty much true for me.

@dave13. Yes the little things are awesome I was the same only it was 7 days I think. My insides just didn't wanna wake up and I had an ng tube in for 5 of those days because I kept trying to puke. Stayed a total of 10 days in there -_- and it was almost more. I was taking a walk one day and on my turn around point I had this searing pain were they reconnected it and it was burning and I was almost running and falling while using the hand rail to get back to my room I got in bed and was crying and it just hurt so bad and my iv had leaked that morning so I couldn't get morphine so I got two oxycodones and it knocked me out a long half hr later, I woke up that night with an iv in and I was still in really bad pain so I got zofran and morphine and passed back out lol. That burning feeling along with tearing went on for two more weeks and I told my surgeon and he said it could be nerves coming back and the healing process and he re assured me that it wouldn't come apart because he double stitched it and used some kind of plastic something so it wouldn't. Yeah. A Weeks worth of antibiotics and I was good. Sorry for this really long winded reply, apparently I feel like typing alot and telling you guys everything even when it doesn't go with anything :ybatty: :poo: :yfaint:
Haha I just had a funny thought. I found a dent in my abdomen a little right of my belly button that wasn't there before surgery. I know its most likely from a clamp. Must of been tight and really circular. It quite the dent. Sometimes I look at it like that's where they would of put it if I needed it lol. I find it amusing